PHP Development tools PHP Basic Tutorial

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PHP Development Tools PHP Basics Tutorial

PHP Development tool PHP Basic Tutorial, the following is the brother even PHP training small compilation:


PHP IDE is also a lot, mainly from several aspects of filtering:

Cross-platform (can run simultaneously on Windows,mac or Ubuntu)

Version control (svn,git)

File history (automatic recording of historical changes)

Multi-lingual support (at least html+css+javascript smart hints and code completion support, support Zencode), of course, now the IDE basically can be installed by the extension to achieve

Convenient todo LIST, System command line

Remote file synchronization

Easy Commissioning

Nice interface ...

Well, used Phpstorm students basic also know what I said is what the thing, of course, radish green vegetables tastes, netbeans,zendstudio is also good, I like good, Basic also on this three with more, if there are other good IDE, trouble to small series recommended.

Phpstorm can write code, it should not be difficult to find a crack = =.



 Text Editor

IDE is still relatively large memory, sometimes change some small files or need a little flexible tool, Sublime Text, the same cross-platform, powerful, the interface is cool, a variety of easy-to-use plug-ins, who knows, and of course, VIM, this, you understand.





 Database management

MySQL management tools are many, small series most commonly used is navicat, the inside of the regular backup function is very useful,



Cache Management

Redis and memcached are commonly used.

Redis GUI Tools

Redis Desktop Manager


PHP Development tools PHP Basic Tutorial

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