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However, the performance of IIS running php on Windows Server 08 has improved a lot, but it still feels uncomfortable...

When debugging a php production environment on windows one day, an error is returned for a piece of php code:

Fatal error: Class 'com' not found in XXXXXXXXX
1 Fatal error: Class 'com' not found in XXXXXXXXX

No COM class found. The php code mainly calls some system information. The first thought should be that php is not configured. The answer in stackoverflow is to discuss xampp, which should be extended, I added several points:

★Make sure the file php_com_dotnet.dll is stored in the ext folder of the php root directory.

★Php. ini make sure this statement is available

Extension = php_com_dotnet.dll
2 [PHP_COM_DOTNET] extension = php_com_dotnet.dll

★Start> Run> services. msc Press Enter> make sure the COM + Event System service is enabled

PHP 5.4.5 was built before, but is separated from other versions later...

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