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PHP learning Notes 01 and php learning Notes 01. PHP Study Notes 01, php Study Notes 01 example: why do you want to learn PHP subjective reasons: some graduation tasks were handled at school some time ago, and you started your job search journey after returning to Shanghai. PHP Study Notes 01 and php Study Notes 01


Why do you want to learn PHP?

Subjective reasons:

Some time ago, I took some graduation work at school and started my job search journey after returning to Shanghai. The intention is to develop WPF or ASP. NET as the backend WEB development.

Lu has been interviewing, and one of the companies is very interesting. in the name of recruitment. net development, PHP development is actually being recruited (as mentioned in the interview notice ). After going to the interview, I thought it was quite good, but I still wanted to interview for a few days. Therefore, in the next few days, I had to interview and learn PHP, so that after I finally decided to go to the company, quick start-up.

Objective reasons:

From Quora: What are the advantages of PHP over other languages?

Using LAMP to build your own amateur website is also a very low cost implementation method.

Switching in various languages is a required skill for programmers. why not?

How to learn PHP

A good book :. I followed a classic book in the industry, and it was the safest way to learn.

PHP tag of Quora

PHP tag of StackOverflow

When you encounter problems, let's look at these two points to see how others solve them. Then, practice more and summarize more (write a blog ).

Planning is like this, but a journey of just a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Example of implementing the beginning of the article

To build a server environment for local debugging, you need to install Apache. to enable Apache to parse PHP, you need to download the PHP library and modify the Apache Conf file. Appendix A in PHP and MySQL Web Development carefully describes how to download, install, and configure in Windows and Linux. The author follows the appendix step by step... There are many instructions on the configuration of the PHP environment on the Internet, so we will not demonstrate it here.

At the same time, this article does not introduce HTML, CSS, and JS content, and directly paste the code:


.container{    width:600px;    margin:120px auto;}.HeaderArea{    width:280px;    height:110px;    margin:30px 140px;}.TextInputArea{    width:590px;}.SubmitButton {    width:100px;    margin:10px 250px;}

After you click "search" in the example, it will POST to the specified php file on the server for resolution. For example, enter "ABC" and click "Search". the sent content is:

In the php file, we can use Name as the Key in variable _ POST and get the ABC:


In this way, the example function is implemented.

PHP Basic syntax

First, we will introduce several PHP-related content in the example:

The first is how to embed PHP. Like embedding JS, there are also many ways to embed PHP. The most common method is to write PHP statements Label.

Add a $ prefix to the PHP variable.

A quick reference card for PHP is attached here. if you have other language basics, you can use this card to quickly learn PHP syntax: PHP Quick Reference Card

For example:

Note 01.

The next note will include further understanding of PHP syntax and examples involving more knowledge points.

Http:// Study Notes 01, php Study Notes 01 example: why to learn PHP subjective reasons: some time ago at school to deal with some of the graduation of the thing, back to Shanghai began a job journey ....

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