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PHP takes integer functions commonly used in four ways:

1. Direct rounding, discarding decimals, preserving integers: intval ();
2 Rounding and Rounding: round ();
3. Rounding up, there are decimals on the addition of 1:ceil ();
4. Rounding Down: Floor ().

First, intval-the variable into an integer form
Intval if it is a character type, it is automatically converted to 0.

intval(3.14159);  // 3intval(3.64159);  // 3intval('ruesin')//0

Second, rounding: round ()

The parameter 1 is rounded according to the specified precision of parameter 2. The parameter 2 can be a negative number or 0 (the default).

round(3.14159);      // 3round(3.64159);      // 4round(3.641590);   // 4round(3.641592);   // 3.64round(5.641593);   // 3.642round(364159, -2);   // 364200

Three, upward rounding, there are decimals on the addition of 1:ceil ()

Returns the next integer not less than value, in which value is entered if there is a fractional part.

This method is often used when we are writing pagination classes to calculate page counts.

ceil(3.14159);  // 4ceil(3.64159);  // 4

Four, downward rounding: Floor ()

Returns the next integer not less than value, rounding out the fractional part of value.

floor(3.14159);    // 3floor(3.64159);    // 3

Reprint Please specify source:

'). addclass (' pre-numbering '). Hide (); $ (this). addclass (' has-numbering '). Parent (). append ($numbering); for (i = 1; i <= lines; i++) {$numbering. Append ($ ('
  • '). Text (i)); }; $numbering. FadeIn (1700); }); });

    The above introduces the PHP rounding, rounding round rounding, up rounding, down rounding, fractional interception, including rounding, PHP content, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested friends have helped.

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