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In this paper, we describe the method of all the combinations of elements in the PHP array. Share to everyone for your reference, as follows:

<?php$source = Array (' PLL ', ' I ', ' love ', ' You ', ' hey '); sort ($source); Ensure that the initial array is ordered $last = count ($source)-1; $source tail element subscript $x = $last; $count = 1; Combined number of statistics echo implode (', ', $source), "
"; Output the first combination while (true) { $y = $x--;//two elements adjacent if ($source [$x] < $source [$y]) {//If the value of the previous element is less than the value of the next element $z = $la St; while ($source [$x] > $source [$z]) {//start at the tail, find the first value greater than $x element $z--; } /* Swap values for $x and $z elements */ list ($source [$x], $source [$z]) = Array ($source [$z], $source [$x]); /* The elements after the $y are all reversed * /for ($i = $last; $i > $y; $i--, $y + +) { list ($source [$i], $source [$y]) = Array ($source [ $y], $source [$i]); } echo implode (', ', $source), "
"; Output combination $x = $last; $count + +; } if ($x = = 0) {//all combinations complete break ; }} Echo ' total: ', $count, ' \ n ';? >

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I hope this article is helpful to you in PHP programming.

The above describes the PHP array of all permutations, elements of all combinations of methods, including the method, the content of PHP, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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