PHP garbled how to solve. It's like Zend encryption.

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PHP garbled how to solve. It's like Zend encryption.
PHP garbled how to solve. The code is as follows:
? 2õklõõ6ñ "øedç®? N!?? Ø?¹ówò? Ç$?$®?―r²èëó{cûåïcþã? R? Øtxu䪢u¥ij²¨?
"|-iew¨pu¤.ªªê¹÷îü¹??" ‰ê¢ ' àö?sïüsîùß3$) wp?4i?vàøq "û; Ûýþîl«ó¥!¡bý¼åi '‰-

How to solve the normal.

Install Zend decoder on the server side.
But you seem to have a direct display of PHP. Check Apache for PHP file associations to see if it is explained using PHP interpreter.
At the end of the php.ini add:
Zend_optimizer.enable_loader = 1

Seven Swords Dezender Green Edition 1.2
Open with Zend Studio for Eclipse, see if the file is garbled, and if so, change it.
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