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<div  class= "Price" > <div class= "Clear" ></div><dl><dt> Select Partner Station: </DT><DD ><select name= "Zhan" ><option > Be sure to select the shipping address </option><!--{loop $zhanlist $tt}--><option >{$tt [name]}-{$tt [address]}</option><!--{/loop}--></select></dd></dl></div > <a id= "btn_add" class= "Hidefocus" href= " index.php?sid={$product [' Price ']} &itemid={$_get[' itemid ']}&zhan "hidefocus=" true ">

Second page:

<dt> Consignee address:</dt>                      <dd>                          <span class= "Null-star" >*</span>                          <input size= " "Name=" widreceive_address "value=" <?php                           $t =$_post[' Zhan '];                          echo iconv (' GBK ', "UTF-8", "$t")?> ""/>                          <span> such as: xx province xxx City xxx district xxx road xxx community xxx building XXX unit XXX number

I used get to pass over all the data. You also need to convert the format.
How to use the post submission table only son data.

Reply content:

I didn't see the form, and I didn't see the JS code.

Did not write the JS code, meaning is from the drop-down list box to get the user click the value and then to the second page.
JS doesn't write.

Please first understand the most basic HTML knowledge used to submit the <form> tag
Or to understand the next JS submission data method.

GET mode

<select name= "Zhan" onchange= "location=" Destination URL ' + '? chan= ' +this.value ' >

POST mode

<foam method=post action= ' destination URL ' ><select name= ' Zhan ' onchange= ' this.form.submit ' >....</select> </form>

And Ajax is not the way to list it.

Assign a value to an element, Ajax commits the line.

The above is the PHP get select value click the link to the next page of content, more relevant content please pay attention to (!

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