PHP Gets the program code of the region based on IP

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First use PHP to obtain the IP, and then use the PHP Curl function to obtain the user's detailed area. Here's a look at the code;

The code is as follows

* This function is to get the client and IP

function GetIP ()
if (!empty ($_server["HTTP_CLIENT_IP"]))
$cip = $_server["Http_client_ip"];
else if (!empty ($_server["http_x_forwarded_for"]))
$cip = $_server["Http_x_forwarded_for"];
else if (!empty ($_server["REMOTE_ADDR"]))
$cip = $_server["REMOTE_ADDR"];
$cip = ';
Preg_match ("/[d.") {7,15}/", $cip, $cips);
$cip = isset ($cips [0])? $cips [0]: ' Unknown ';
Unset ($cips);
return $CIP;

Method one, using QQWry.Dat IP library, we only fat

In a simple way.

Using the sample

Example one:

The code is as follows

$IpLocation = new Iplocation ();
$client = $IpLocation->getlocation ();
Print_r ($client);

Example two:

The code is as follows

$IpLocation = new Iplocation ('.. /qqwry/qqwry.dat ');
$client = $IpLocation->getlocation (' ');
Print_r ($client);

The specific IP library and Iplocation class files here do not introduce everyone Baidu search bar.

Method two, using API interface

Example One,

The code is as follows

* Get IP area
* Enter description here ...
* @param unknown_type $ip
function Getarea ($IP) {

$url = "". $ip;
$contents = file_get_contents ($url);
Preg_match_all ('/Preg_match_all (' |<div> site main data:. *</div>| ', $contents, $rsR);
$rsR [0][0] = Str_replace ("<div> site master data:", "", $rsR [0][0]);
$rsR [0][0] = Str_replace ("</div>", "", $rsR [0][0]);
return $rsR [0][0];

Example Two,

The following function uses PHP's curl function to get detailed area from the Web

  code is as follows &nbs P;

function LAZDF ($IP) {

$curl = Curl_init ();

Curl_setopt ($curl, Curlopt_url, "". $ip);
curl_setopt ($curl, curlopt_returntransfer,1);
$ipdz =curl_exec ($curl);
Curl_close ($curl);
Preg_match (/<ul class= "Ul1" ><li> (. *?) </li>/i ", $ipdz, $jgarray);
Preg_match ("/ station main data: (. *)/I", $jgarray [1], $IPP);

return  "<div class=" global_widht global_zj zj "style=" Background:none repeat the scroll 0% 0% rgb (226, 255, 191); font-size:12px; Color:rgb (85, 85, 85); height:30px; line-height:30px; BORDER-BOTTOM:1PX Solid RGB (204, 204, 204); Text-align:left; " >&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; welcome from &nbsp;<b> "$ipp [1]." </b>&nbsp; Friends! </div> ";


Echo lazdf (GeTIP ());/output IP

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