PHP implementation of the single sign-on steps detailed

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This time for everyone to bring PHP implementation of single Sign-on steps, PHP implementation of single Sign-on note what, the following is the actual case, together to see.

1. Prepare two virtual domain names

2. Create the following files in the root directory of the Openpoor

Index. Php

<?phpsession_start ();? ><! DOCTYPE html>


<?phpsession_start (); if (!empty ($_post[' username ')) {require '). /des.php '; $_session[' username '] = $_post[' username ']; $redirect = ' '; Header (' location: '. UrlEncode ($redirect). ' &code= '. Des::encrypt ($_post[' username '), ' Openpoor '); exit;}? ><! DOCTYPE html>


<?php$redirect = Empty ($_get[' redirect ')? ' ': $_get[' redirect '];if (Empty ($_get[' code ')) {header (' loaction:http://'. UrlDecode ($redirect)); Exit;} $apps = Array (' ');? ><! DOCTYPE html>

3. Create the following files in the root directory of MySpace

Slogin File Completion Session settings

<?phpsession_start (); header (' Content-type:text/javascript; Charset=utf-8 '); if (!empty ($_get[' code ')) {require '.. /des.php '; $username = Des::d ecrypt ($_get[' code '), ' Openpoor '); if (!empty ($username)) {  header (' p3p:cp= ' CURa ADMa DEVa Psao psdo our BUS UNI PUR INT DEM STA PRE COM NAV OTC NOI DSP C or "');  $_session[' username '] = $username; }}?>


<?phpsession_start (); if (!empty ($_session[' username ')) {  echo "Welcome". $_session[' username ']. " The space ";} else{  echo "Please login First";}? >

4.des.php file content is as follows

<?php/** * @see Yii Csecuritymanager;   */class des{public static function encrypt ($data, $key) {$module =mcrypt_module_open (' Des ', ', MCRYPT_MODE_CBC, ');   $key =SUBSTR (MD5 ($key), 0,mcrypt_enc_get_key_size ($module));   Srand ();   $iv =mcrypt_create_iv (Mcrypt_enc_get_iv_size ($module), Mcrypt_rand);   Mcrypt_generic_init ($module, $key, $IV);   $encrypted = $iv. Mcrypt_generic ($module, $data);   Mcrypt_generic_deinit ($module);   Mcrypt_module_close ($module); return MD5 ($data). ' _ '. Base64_encode ($encrypted);   public static function Decrypt ($data, $key) {$_data = explode (' _ ', $data, 2);   if (count ($_data) <2) {return false;   } $data = Base64_decode ($_data[1]);   $module =mcrypt_module_open (' des ', ', MCRYPT_MODE_CBC, ');   $key =SUBSTR (MD5 ($key), 0,mcrypt_enc_get_key_size ($module));   $ivSize =mcrypt_enc_get_iv_size ($module);   $iv =substr ($data, 0, $ivSize);   Mcrypt_generic_init ($module, $key, $IV);   $decrypted =mdecrypt_generic ($module, substr ($data, $ivSize, strlen ($data))); Mcrypt_generic_deinit($module);   Mcrypt_module_close ($module);   $decrypted = RTrim ($decrypted, "n");   if ($_DATA[0]!=MD5 ($decrypted)) {return false; } return $decrypted; }}?>

When the Openpoor log in after the session information to other domain names under the file for processing, in the form of script tags to run.

5. Access and are not logged in at this time

Log in after two domain names

To this we have implemented a simple single sign-on.

Believe that you have read the case of this article you have mastered the method, more exciting please pay attention to the PHP Chinese network other related articles!

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