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When I use PHP to manipulate the database today, I find that the Chinese characters inserted in the SQL Server 2008 database are garbled, and here are some of the things I started with:

The development environment is the encoding of the Php5.3.3+apache2.2.17+sql Server 2008,php script file is utf-8, the encoding passed to the database is GB2312 (the default character encoding for SQL Server may be this, I'm not sure), I use the official Microsoft provided sqlsrv library to connect to the database (Ps:sql Server 2005 has not supported the use of Mssql.dll to connect), so use sqlsrv_query ($conn, "Set names GB2312"); Statement to set the encoded format passed to the database, the SQL statement reads: INSERT into Opinion (content) VALUES (' AAA Chinese contents ');

Run this SQL statement, found that execution is unsuccessful, using the sqlsrv_errors () function to output error messages, the following results are obtained:
Copy CodeThe code is as follows:
Array ([0] = = Array ([0] = = IMSSP [SQLSTATE] = IMSSP [1] = -46 [code] = -46 [2] = an error Occurre D translating the query string to Utf-16:ڶֽڵŀҳуûдunicodeַӳ䵽ַ. [Message] = A error occurred translating the query string to Utf-16:ڶֽڵŀҳуûдunicodeַӳ䵽ַ. ) )

This is the results displayed on the Web page, the above garbled is copy down intact. From the "An error occurred translating the query string to UTF-16" You can see that the character encoding conversion is causing problems. So I use PHP's iconv function to force the conversion of the Chinese code, and then execute the SQL statement, the code is as follows:
Copy CodeThe code is as follows:
$string = Iconv (' utf-8 ', ' gb2312//ignore ', ' AAA Chinese content ');
$sql = "INSERT into Opinion (content) VALUES ($string)";
The error message is as follows:
Array ([0] = = Array ([0] = = 42s22 [SQLSTATE] = 42s22 [1] = = 207 [Code] = 207 [2] = = [Microsoft][sql Server Native client 10.0][sql server] ' aaa ' ч[message] = [microsoft][sql Server Native Client 10.0][ SQL Server] ' aaa ' mainland)

This error message can not see any clue, I again the SQL statement output to the Web page to see if the SQL statement is wrong, the output is as follows:
Copy CodeThe code is as follows:
Insert into Opinion (content) VALUES (AAA)

I look like no problem, in fact, there is a problem, notice that the parentheses in the back of the argument is to be enclosed in quotation marks (indicating that it is a string), so I modified the SQL statement, the code is as follows:
Copy CodeThe code is as follows:
$sql = "INSERT into Opinion (content) VALUES ('". $string. "')"; To get a better look, I'm magnifying.

Enclose the $string in single quotation marks so that the execution of the SQL statement succeeds, and the Chinese stored in the database is not garbled. true techarticle today, using PHP to manipulate the database when the inserted SQL Server 2008 database in the text snippet is garbled, the following is my initial situation: the development environment is php5.3.3+apache2.2.17 ...

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