Php integration environment assembly and testing

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Php integration environment installation and testing 1. software download 1. the software included in AppServ2.5.10 includes Apache, ApacheMonitor, PHP, MySQL, PHP-Nuke, and phpMyAdmin. 2.: www. appservnetwork. comindex. php? Newlangchinese 2. Software Introduction: 1. install and test the Apache server's Integrated php environment

1. software download

1. the software included in AppServ 2.5.10 includes Apache, Apache Monitor, PHP, MySQL, PHP-Nuke, and phpMyAdmin.

2.: Newlang = chinese

II. software introduction:

1. Apache server
Installation Path: C: \ AppServ \ Apache2.2
Configuration File: C: \ AppServ \ Apache2.2 \ conf \ httpd. conf
Webpage storage location: C: \ AppServ \ www. you can directly access the webpage in some directories.

2. MySQL server
Installation Path: C: \ AppServ \ MySQL
Configuration File: C: \ AppServ \ MySQL \ my. ini
Data File storage location: C: \ AppServ \ MySQL \ data

3. PHP module
Installation Path: C: \ AppServ \ php5
Configuration File: C: \ WINDOWS \ php. ini

4. phpMyAdmin database management software
Installation Path: C: \ AppServ \ www \ phpMyAdmin
Configuration File: C: \ AppServ \ www \ phpMyAdmin \ config. inc. php

III. environment testing:

1. after the installation is complete, the installed server is automatically enabled. Open your browser and enter http: // localhost/for testing.
2. test whether phpMyAdmin is easy to use. Open the browser and enter http: // localhost/phpmyadmin/for testing,

If everything goes well, you will see the phpMyAdmin logon interface. Enter the MySQL server administrator username "root" and password "******" set during installation.

Click OK to go to the phpMyAdmin operation interface.

4. start/restart the service:

Method 1: click Start> All Programs> AppServ> Control Server by Service to Stop, Start, or Restart two services.
Method 2: Right-click my computer-> Management-> services and applications-> services-> Apache2.2 or mysql options, and click stop, enable, or restart.

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