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Often in some forums and QQ group to see some friends will ask "How to learn PHP, how to learn the language", but others answer the most is: from the most "simple" start.

This simple may be really not simple, hehe. Next I would like to share some of my own learning process. First say some crap, language organization ability is poor, said a lot of crap, willing to see on the look, do not scold me on the line.

In fact, learning a new language is not too difficult, it is important that you are ready to learn it well, the length of time and personal ability and determination. Hacker is also popular word is "no intrusion computer", this sentence probably means: if your technology than the maintenance of this computer administrator better, then you can take this computer can even take this administrator management of all the computer, if the skill is not as good as people, can only continue to learn more than the other side. I say these words means to prepare to learn unfamiliar language friends must be determined to learn, as long as you have made up your mind to learn, you will be able to learn, never give up halfway. (10,000 steps back, even if you do not learn, but you know more than others)

Learn what is the simplest:
1, the basic structure of the Web page is HTML code, so must be familiar with the basic elements such as Html/css/js
2, familiar with PHP syntax, understand how PHP and HTML run, learning to combine PHP and HTML to complete a simple page

PHP Manual is a good primer for teachers

Several possible factors that affect learning progress and program strength:

1. Memory

Whether a language is powerful or not, it should look at its library of functions and code execution efficiency.
Each language has its own powerful library of functions, to learn it, you have to spend a lot of time to remember, good memory can make learning to achieve a multiplier effect.

2. Mathematics and Logical Thinking

This is certainly not an absolute influence, because look at the complexity of the development project. Small projects do not require much mathematical and logical thinking, but it is important to develop projects that are similar to finance or large numbers of operations.

3. The basis of other languages

"Follow", the truth of this sentence is also indisputable. All say have C language foundation of person, learn PHP easier, I have not learned C language, so do not know this sentence effect

4, read more people write code

Learn the strengths of others, fill their own shortcomings, of course, not entirely for this. I have always believed that a program written by an organized team is no worse than an individual.
I get started with PHP from looking at the code to start, I like to see other people write code (Getting Started from disucz,phpwind and foreign phpbb look, there is the most popular open source blog program), I as far as possible to collect web PHP open source programs, so far, The PHP open source programs that I collect and download are 2GB in size, including bbs,blog,cms and so on. I download not to collect them, is to learn their programming and implementation methods, if they want to implement the function do not know how to achieve, I will learn their implementation, not plagiarism code, the end result is to learn, the technology into their own. ASP I also learn in the same way (easy and news program and other ASP Open source program)

5. Practice

Theory is important, but practice is essential. Your theoretical knowledge is good, if you do not practice, you can not see the results of the theory or effect, and can not make your memory deep, so can not talk about

6. Perseverance

Advertising is not a sentence is said: "The world's tallest mountain is itself", this sentence to believe that friends can understand their own this, the others are good to do

7, find a useful way to learn

This article can be referred to 4, my entry is to see the code to start
A friend might ask, "Can you read the powerful code at the beginning?" ”
My way of learning is from "using" to find "learning function": php function too much, short time can not remember all the functions, because I believe that a large project will certainly use common and necessary functions, find these functions, will be focused on learning these functions, Can you say that the function of the BBS is less than the function of writing a blog? Can you write BBS still can't write blog?
Finding the right way to learn is to go through a variety of learning ways to try, so this only own grasp, after all, everyone's learning style is not the same

8, as far as possible to find the video screen tutorial to see

Others say 10, not as good as an operation to see, this is believed that friends have to understand it

9, starting from the project

Be sure to "force" yourself to start writing the project.
Any master of "growth" is to go through a process, the process is step by step, hard-won
Many friends learn PHP's first work is almost "guestbook", because it is the simplest program
Will write the guest book, also does not completely represent you already the introduction, also does not represent will have PHP, I myself began to want to take a "network bookmark" as own first work, but wrote the basic function did not continue, the feeling did not have much meaning. Now write a completely correct CMS system for the enterprise, including some common functions for the enterprise, I want to use this as my first PHP entry

10. Learn and learn about PHP technology

The real master must learn the technology associated with PHP, to learn PHP, you have to learn the database, Php+mysql is considered "gold partner." So you have to contact MySQL or you think a better database, began to design a more "reasonable" database, where the reasonable is more extensive, including database optimization and query optimization and so on.

The last to say is: "Do not rely on others" no one is willing to ignore a novice's question, because the novice questions in their eyes too simple, do not want to explain. Female friends are very popular word is "man live, Sow will tree" quote this sentence no other meaning, just let friends know the meaning of this sentence.

Also want to say is: "Cherish the number of people answer" People's patience is limited, we must cherish this limit, do not ask questions, some problems themselves to spend some time to find the answer to ask, each ask, the patience of others minus once, and so you really need help, just when others are unwilling to answer you , you can imagine that you have lost too much.

The suggestion is: "Is there a problem?" Baidu "believe that friends have noticed, you ask questions, in search engines can find relevant questions, and have a detailed solution, you can use the search engine to find their own answers, why ask others?
At present the biggest Chinese search engine is, the global Google, of course, there are other search engines, one can not find, more than a few, unless your question is the first question, then you are lucky, it may be your "looks" problem, hehe, joking, do not mind, But this is a very popular phrase.
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