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PHP is almost encrypted !. Because I like SQL injection, I have detected many websites before and after. aspphpjsp found that the md5 encryption algorithm is basically used. MD5 is irreversible and cannot be broken. MD5 cannot be reversed, but it can be violent because I am comparing SQL injection. like
Many websites, such as aspphpjsp, have been detected before, after, and after.
It is found that the md5 encryption algorithm is basically used.
It is said that MD5 cannot be undone.
MD5 cannot be reversed, but it can be cracked.
You only need to save the commonly used password MD5 to the database.
Others only need to provide the MD5 password for database comparison to restore the password. outside China
Both provide online cracking
Have many webmasters ever been infiltrated? The largest part is the leakage of the administrator password caused by SQL injection.
Then break into the background
I found the PHP built-in function crypt very good.
Cooperation with MD5 is more invincible
$ Pass = '000000 ';
Echo "after MD5 encryption". md5 ($ pass )."
"; // Insecure
Echo "after crypt encryption". crypt ($ pass )."
"; // The password will change after refreshing.
Echo "after crypt complex encryption". crypt ($ pass, substr ($ pass, 0, 2 ))."
"; // Still uncomfortable
Echo "unencrypted". md5 (crypt ($ pass, substr ($ pass )))."
"; // How do hackers break this password now ???
The final password or 32-bit is regarded as MD5 encryption.
However, no matter how huge the MD5 HASH value of the other party is, a few terabytes of data cannot be cracked.

Of course, the above ideas can be used in some other languages, such as asp,, and jsp.

Many websites have been detected before and after the dig command. aspphpjsp found that the md5 encryption algorithm is basically used. all of them say that MD5 cannot be undone, but MD5 cannot be reversed, but it can be violent...

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