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Introduction: This is a detailed page of PHP learning Note ――php Overview, introduced and PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code and so on.

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A Php

Basic knowledge


PHP is one of the most popular web application development languages of the server at present. PHP is mainly characterized by simple syntax

Easy to learn, powerful, flexible and easy to use. After merging some of the best features of modern programming languages, PHP, Apache

And MySQL have become a configuration standard for Web servers. The process of learning PHP is very easy and fast

Of It can be said that PHP has become a pioneer in web scripting technology, and will continue to lead the trend of web technology.

PHP, a nested abbreviated name, is the English Super Text preprocessing language (Php:hypertext preprocessor)

The abbreviation. PHP is an HTML embedded language, PHP and Microsoft's ASP quite a bit similar, is a

The scripting language of embedded HTML documents executed on the server side, the language style has similar to the C language, is now a lot of

Widely used by website programmers. PHP's unique syntax mixes C, Java, Perl, and PHP with their own innovative

Grammar. It can perform dynamic Web pages more quickly than CGI or Perl. Dynamic pages made with PHP are related to other

Compared to the programming language, PHP is to embed the program in the HTML document to execute, the efficiency is more efficient than to fully generate HTML tag

The CGI is much higher than the scripting language that is also embedded in the HTML document, PHP in the server

Server performance, and the PHP execution engine will also host PHP programs that users frequently access

In memory, other users do not need to recompile the program when they access the program again, as long as they directly execute the in-memory

Code on it, which is one of the high efficiency of PHP. PHP has very powerful features, all CGI

or JavaScript functionality PHP can be implemented, and support almost all the popular database and operating system.

PHP was originally created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, just beginning with a simple Perl language

program that is used to count visitors to his own website. It was later rewritten in C, including access to the database.


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"0x00000014" Memory referenced by the "0x0700609c" directive. The memory cannot be "read".

Full encryption and hash encryption, the encryption algorithms used include Blowfish, MD5, SHA1, and Triple DES.

5.ISAP I support. Support for ISAPI enables users to use PHP in conjunction with Microsoft's IIS Web server.

6. Built-in Com/dco M support. Another benefit for Windows users is that PHP 4 has access to and instantiation of COM

Object. This feature extends interoperability with Windows applications.

7. Built-in JAV a support. This is also a big step in the interoperability of PHP, version 4.0 supports PHP application binding

Set Java objects.

8. The regular expression (PCRE) library compatible with per L. The Perl language has always been in the field of string parsing to dominate the world, occupy

The dominant position. Developers know that strong regular expression functionality is important if PHP is to be widely recognized

Use. Their approach is simply to integrate Perl functionality, rather than to re-develop, and integrate the Pcre library's packages into PHP's default hair

The line package.

In addition to these features, version 4 adds hundreds of features that greatly enhance the ability of this language. In this book, I

Will discuss most of the features.

PHP 4 represents a huge leap forward in the evolution of the PHP language. This new version brings the latest features, powerful

Capabilities and scalability create a shock for both novice and veteran developers. But the PHP development team is not satisfied with a long time to hold only

With this result, they soon began to embark on another milestone task of launching a leading web

Language of the Scripting World: PHP 5.


Version 5 is another watershed in the evolution of the PHP language. Although many libraries have been added to the previous major version,

Version 5 also makes a number of improvements to existing functionality, and adds some of the features of a mature programming language architecture


1. The object-oriented capability is greatly improved. PHP's object-oriented architecture has been improved, which is the most prominent version of the 5

Characteristics. Version 5 adds many features, such as explicit constructors and destructors, object cloning, class abstraction, variable action

domains, interfaces, and so on. In addition, PHP also has significant improvements in object management. Chapters 6th and 7th will cover the details of these



Exception handling. Ironically, in structured programming languages, the design of error-handling strategies

The body is very error-prone and difficult to keep consistent. To resolve this issue, version 5 begins to support exception handling. In

In many languages, such as C + +, C #, Python, and Java, exception handling has long been an error management

Pillar, which provides a great way to establish standardized error reporting logic.

3. Improved XML

and web

Service support. XML support is now based on the LIBXML2 library and introduces

A very new but very promising extension package to parse and process XML, i.e. SimpleXML. In addition, PHP 5 also supports

SOAP extensions. The 20th chapter introduces these two new extensions and describes some great third-party Web service extensions.

4. For SQLite

Built-in support. Developers are always happy to offer more choices, they are powerful but concise

The SQLite database Server ( provides support. If the developer needs some weight

Database products, and you do not want to bring the appropriate management overhead, SQLite can

Provide a convenient solution for the operator. The 22nd chapter introduces the support that PHP provides for this powerful database engine.



Support. Added local Unicode support, making it easy to build and maintain multilingual applications

The more.

2. Security improvements. A lot of security improvements have been made and, based on these improvements, should be able to significantly curb the security phase

The problem, to be honest, cannot be attributed to language, but to patchwork inexperienced programmers.

3. New language features and constructs. Added many new grammatical features, the most prominent of which is the 64-bit integer type,

A foreach loop construct that has been "transformed" for multidimensional arrays. and support for the break of the label.

Two Environment configuration

I used Wamp, and I used xampp.

As for the two software online, you can download it on your own.

(Note for the Li Tinghui teacher)

Love EE focus on Java Michael Jackson Video station JSON online tool

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