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This article aims to discuss how to become a real php developer (as a mainstream development language.

This article does not include anyone who has learned php for three months as the mainstream development language.

This article focuses on the persistence and extensiveness of learning and developing php (as the mainstream development language.

When many people think that they have learned php for three months (as the mainstream development language) as a capital to show off.

When these people show off and switch to other languages, I must tell you that you are not suitable for the development of php (as the mainstream development language.

Yes, php (as the mainstream development language) has many intuitive functions that can be used intuitively, but you may not really understand the status in which php is used .. in other words, it is difficult to fully hold all the combinations of all functions at once... even if it is fully supported... maybe you can find a better way... yes, every new php (as the current mainstream development language) release version has functions to be abolished, and there are some new functions, so, this is a process of continuous reinforcement .... you may or must use the face-to-face method for development. it is just to understand the true meaning of object-oriented. If you are not a Superman and have never been familiar with object-oriented, it is hard for you to fully understand it without half a year .... of course, you still need to read a lot of code .. reading Forum programs can well hold the overall layout. php (as the mainstream development language) BB code is the best learning tool and can be easily modified .. look at the DISCUZ code and you will understand it. If you see the original DISCUZ version (CTB), you will be more clear. almost all follow php (as the current Mainstream development languages) from the BB model .... of course, if you want to stick to more skills, you can view the code (php (as the mainstream development language) MYADMIN), although it is very large, but he provided some good techniques .. if you feel the need to improve security, you can find some open source Mall Website Ntypeid = 41 read. well, after reading these three programs, half a year is over... next, you need to hold on to some additional technologies. these include but are not limited to: JAVASCRIP, xml (standardization is getting closer and closer), HTML, HTTP protocol, ajax (static dynamic website), MySQL (the best combination with PHP) (safe operation, optimization, command line operations), DOM processing. fortunately, the progress of learning these things will be much faster than learning php (as the mainstream development language), but it is not easy to fully hold on without 8-10 months... in addition, php (as the mainstream development language) is different between running on a LINUX host and running on a WINDOWS host. so we should treat them differently.

Well, write so much first. you cannot learn any language... learning programming languages requires a good foundation of English. my own English is very poor, and I am suffering from it.

At last, we listed the learning schedules below for your reference only:

1. Basic Learning: Installation configuration and other basic knowledge: 3 months.

2. Read and fully understand other people's code, and be familiar with object orientation for 12 months.

3. Support other technologies, including JAVASCRIPT, xml (standardization is getting closer and closer), ajax (static dynamic website), and MySQL (the best combination with PHP ), HTTP protocol. LINUX. (these can also be in 1. 2. (8 months.

This takes two years. Of course, there must be updated technologies, including php (as the mainstream development language, other technologies .... these also need to be carefully studied.
Learning is a step-by-step process. It is impossible for you to create a machine just like a machine without thinking about it... What can you create in three months .??

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