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This article mainly introduced the PHP object-oriented Magic Method Chinese explanation, understands these methods only then writes the object-oriented program, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under

1.__construct ()

The instantiated object is called automatically. Call __construct when __construct and a function with the class name function name exist, and the other does not call back.

The function of the class name is the old version of the constructor.

2.__destruct ()

When an object is deleted or an object operation ends is called.

3.__call ()

object to invoke a method. If the method does not exist, this call __call this method

4.__get ()

Reads an object property and calls it if the object property is private

5.__set ()

When you assign a value to an object property, it is invoked if the property is private

6.__tostring ()

Is invoked when an object is printed.

7.__clone ()

Called when the object is cloned, such as: $a =new test (); $a 1=clone $a;

8.__sleep ()

Serialize is called before, if the object is larger, want to cut a little something in serialization can use it.

9.__wakeup ()

Unserialize is invoked to do initialization work on some objects.

10.__isset ()

Detects whether an object's properties exist if the instrumented property is private and is invoked.

11.__unset ()

When you delete an object property, it is called if the object property being deleted is private

12.__set_state ()

Called when the Var_export is invoked. Use the return value of the __set_state as the return value of the Var_export.

13.__autoload ()

When an object is instantiated, the method is dropped if the corresponding class does not exist.

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