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  This article mainly introduces a simple PHP paging code, provided for you to learn, there are comments in the code, you can also directly use the

The code is as follows: <?php      Header ("Content-type:text/html;charset=utf-8");    //database connection     $conn = mysql_connect ("localhost", "root", "Mr") or die ("Not connnected:". Mysql_err or ());     mysql_select_db ("test", $conn);     mysql_query ("Set names UTF8");      //query total number of data     $sql 1 = "SELECT count (*) from user";     $ret 1 = mysql_query ($sql 1);     $row 1 = mysql_fetch_row ($ret 1);     $tot = $row 1[0];       //per page How many rows of data     $length = 5;          //Total pages       $totpage = ceil ($tot/$length);      //Current page     $page = @$_get[' P ']? $_get[' P ']: 1;    //limit Lower bound     $offset = ($page-1) * $LENGTH;       echo "<center>";     echo "<h2>php padding</h2>";     echo "<table width= ' 700px ' border= ' 1px ' >";     Echo"<tr>";     echo "<th>ID</th>";     echo "<th>USER</th>";     echo "<th>PASS</th>";     echo "</tr>";      //To display the query data in the form of     $sql 2 = "SELECT * from user order by ID limit {$offset}, {$length}";     $ret 2 = mysql_query ($sql 2);     while ($row 2 = MYSQL_FETCH_ASSOC ($ret 2)) {        echo "<tr>";     &NBS P   echo "<td>{$row 2[' id ']}</td><td>{$row 2[' name ']}</td><td>{$row 2[' pass ']}< /TD> ";         echo "</tr>";    }       echo "</table>";      //previous page and next     $prevpage = $page-1;     if ($page >= $totpage) {        $nextpage = $totpage;    } else {        $nextpage = $page + 1;    }      //goto     Echo "<h3><a href= ' index.php?p={$prevpage} ' > Page </a>|<a href= ' index.php?p={$nextpage} ' > Next </a></h3> ";     echo "</center>";       Core point:   <1> "$sql 2 =" SELECT * from user order by ID limit {$offset}, {$length} ";", $offset, $ The relationship between length and number of pages.   <2> access to previous and next pages, and critical points.
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