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  This article mainly introduces the PHP paging function sample code, need friends can refer to the following

Share a case of PHP paging function code, using this function to implement the pagination code is very good.   Code, PHP paging function.   Code as follows: <?php/* Created on 2011-07-28 * Author:lkk, Http:// * Use method: require_once (' mypage.php '); $result =mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM MyTable", $myconn); $total =mysql_num_rows ($result);    //Total information obtained pagedivide ($total, 10);    //Call paging function  //Database operations $result =mysql_query ("select * FROM MyTable limit $sqlfirst, $shownu", $myconn); while ($row =mysql_fetch_array ($result)) {... Your action} echo $pagecon;    //Output Paging navigation content */  if (!function_exists ("Pagedivide")) {# $total     Information Total # $shownu     Show Number, default # $url     page link function pagedivide ($total, $shownu =20, $url = ') {  # $page current page number # $sqlfirst MySQL database start Item # $pagecon     Pager content global $page, $sqlfirst, $pagecon, $_server; $GLOBALS ["Shownu"]= $shownu;   if (isset ($_get[' page ')) {$page =$_get[' page '];} else $page = 1;   #如果 $url Use the default, or null value, to assign to this page URL if (! $url) {$url =$_server["Request_uri"];}   #URL分析 _url=parse_URL ($url); @ $url _query= $parse _url["Query"];    //Remove the question mark after the content if ($url _query) {$url _query=preg_replace ("/") (page= $page)/"," ", $url _query); $url = Str_replace ($parse _url["Query"), $url _query, $url); if ($url _query) {$url. = "&page";} else $url. = "page"; }else $url. = "? page";   #页码计算 $LASTPG =ceil ($total/$SHOWNU);    //last page, total pages $page =min ($LASTPG, $page); $PREPG = $page-1; Previous page $nextpg = ($page = = $LASTPG 0: $page + 1); The next page $sqlfirst = ($page-1) * $SHOWNU;   #开始分页导航内容 $pagecon = "show First". ($total? ($sqlfirst + 1): 0). " -". Min ($sqlfirst + $shownu, $total)." Records, total <B> $total </B> Records "; if ($lastpg <=1) return false;    //If only one page jumps out   if ($page!=1) $pagecon. = "<a href= ' $url =1 ' > Home </a>"; else $pagecon. = "Home page"; if ($PREPG) $pagecon. = "<a href= ' $url = $prepg ' > front page </a>"; else $pagecon. = "front page"; if ($NEXTPG) $pagecon. = "<a href= ' $url = $nextpg ' > Back page </a>"; else $pagecon. = "Back Page"; if ($page!= $lastpg) $pagecon. = "<a href=" $url =$lastpg ' > Last </a> '; else $pagecon. = "Last";   #下拉跳转列表, loop through all page numbers $pagecon. = "to <select name= ' topage ' size= ' 1 ' onchange= ' window.location=" $url = "+this.value ' >n '; For ($i =1 $i <= $lastpg $i + +) {if ($i = = $page) $pagecon. = "<option value= ' $i ' selected> $i </option>n"; else $pagecon. = "<option value= ' $i ' > $i </option>n"; $pagecon. = "</select> page, total $lastpg page";  }}else die (' pagedivide () a function with the same name already exists! '); ?>  
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