PHP parsing http Gets the JSON string variable always blank null

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This article mainly introduces the PHP parsing HTTP Get the JSON string variable is always a blank null solution, personal experience Summary, here recommended to everyone.

A problem has been encountered with today's colleague project that the JSON string obtained through the HTTP interface can always be parsed with json_decode, returning blank.

Copy the result string directly to create a variable is normal, in the front end JS can also be resolved, engaged in a half-day not its solution, with powerful Google solved the problem, the answer is the interface spit out the result contains a BOM header, BOM header this thing is the sworn enemy of Php Ah

Do not say, directly on the solution:

The code is as follows:
if (substr ($return, 0,3) = = Pack ("CCC", 0XEF,0XBB,0XBF)) {
$return = substr ($return, 3);
$data = Json_decode ($return, true);

Here to record, to share with you, hope to be able to help.

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