PHP Path alias settings

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<ifmodule alias_module>
# Redirect:allows clients about documents, used to
# exist in your server ' s namespace, but does not anymore. The client
# would make a new request for the document at its new location.
# Example:
# Redirect Permanent/foo Http://

# Alias:maps Web paths into filesystem paths and are used to
# Access content that is does not live under the documentroot.
# Example:
# Alias/webpath/full/filesystem/path
# If you include a trailing/on/webpath then the server would
# require it to is present in the URL. You'll also likely
# need to provide a <Directory> sections to allow access to
# The FileSystem path.

# Scriptalias:this controls which directories contain server scripts.
# scriptaliases is essentially the same as Aliases, except that
# documents in the target directory is treated as applications and
# run by the server when requested rather than as documents sent to the
# Client. The same rules about trailing '/' Apply to Scriptalias
# directives as to Alias.

#Alias/o2o/assets "S:\works\o2o\o2o-assets"
#<directory "S:\works\o2o\o2o-assets" >
#AllowOverride authconfig
#Order Allow,deny
#Allow from all

Alias/o2o/assets "S:\works\o2o\o2o-assets"
<directory "S:\works\o2o\o2o-assets" >
AllowOverride authconfig
Order Allow,deny
Allow from all


PHP Path alias settings

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