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One day more than a year ago, when I handed in the lab report, I accidentally saw a book in the corner of my teacher's office. At that time, I only remember the three uppercase letters in the book-PHP. At that time, I just felt that PHP was very nice and clean, and I didn't know what it could do.
Slowly, I tried to write a so-called CMS during my freshman summer vacation. Where is the CMS amount? decisive is the spam code. In any case, after four days of programming during the summer vacation, I feel more or less the programming habits of PHP. Next, we uploaded WNiaoBlog (the name I gave it at that time) directly to the free space of the host room, and used a second-level domain name. At that time, What annoyed me most was that I had to postpone posting a post for review in a month, and there was still a piece of abrupt text advertisement in the space.
Gradually, one year has passed. During this period, I did not do anything. It's just boring to change the PHP code. Of course, one day, I suddenly felt that the Code could not be written. It means that my thinking is wrong and I don't know where to start. This means that I need to develop some models and follow certain routines. So I know what Model View Control (MVC) is, what is static, front-end JS applications, and a deep understanding of object-oriented and.
In February March 2013, I wrote a simple blog system again. At first, I copied the template on the frontend of sina's simple blog. The background gradually improved and copied the previous poor code. In this way, I transfer the system to a virtual host in the real sense and bind the top-level domain name On January 1, June 5, the website ICP filing was approved.
Despite this, the website system is just getting started, and there are also many unreasonable reasons. In the future, I have to write another system again, and I have not learned many things.
As of today, the summary of GXBlog (now the system name) on the website system is as follows:

GXBlog de improvement log

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QQ: 2252065614
GXBlog QQ group (Code World): 235173087

Sun Blog was written on the evening of June March 06, 2013. Using the PHP script language and MVC design pattern, this is a prototype. Many functions are yet to be improved. Please wait ~

Added a project for background Article management. Currently, only the article deletion function is implemented (information is submitted through form, rather than url transfer ).

Simple use of Javascrip to implement the goTop function.

1. Change Sun Blog to GXBlog
2. Modify the classic topic Template

1. To improve the SEO performance of static websites, a GXEngien template replacement and static engine are provided. So far, GenialX (the author) has easily abandoned the smarty template engine.
2. GXEngien also provides the template buffer function, which is not very powerful. Therefore, you must manually determine whether the template has expired or not.
3. Create a static/blog project, that is, the static page project of each article. Therefore, in a boring day, you need to write a new template for this project (call the homepage template temporarily ).

Whenever bored, I always want to write something. The time has passed. What should I get. But when I recall it, I always feel so ethereal...
Inadvertently open GXBlog and stay in a daze. I think it is better to add the message function and add some interactions.
1. Modify the blog template, fill in the message board form and display the Message Block.
2. added the PostComment. class. php class to process the message data database.
3. Create a GenerateHtml. class. php URL interface file to process static pages.
1. Regularly refresh the static blog page or automatically refresh the static page when adding a message (temporarily refresh through the URL interface ).
2. Anti-injection and filling in the verification code.

2013.05.27 (Monday)
I'm about to take an exam in "Engineering Electromagnetic Field". It's time to simply review it. How evil do I have? By the way, there are so many disgusting lab reports...
Today, modify the Side Bar and add the footer.

These days, I am too lazy to go out. I would rather be hungry than buying meals. I simply went to the vending machine in the corridor to buy a few instant noodles.
When I'm idle, I always feel that the front-end experience is not very good. Of course, I knew that my capabilities were limited, so it took a long time to modify the floating effect and color gradient effect of the navigation bar.
Gradient Changes lasted for one second, and more than 200 lines of js Code were not allowed to achieve this gradient effect. Therefore, I want to encapsulate it in an empty future. There are still flaws. if you carefully observe the effect of the navigation bar, you will find it!

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