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Introduction: This is a detailed page for PHP quick integration development environment XAMPP. It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code.

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During PHP website development, setting up and configuring the PHP environment is a basic task. configuring the PHP environment is troublesome for PHP beginners, compared with the Environment configuration of PhP5 in PhP4, in addition to manual setup, many silly PHP environment configuration installation packages, such as XAMPP, appserv, and dedeampz, appeared, this makes it easy for you to focus on PHP website development. However, as a PHP developer, environment building is still essential, today, we will share with you how to install and configure the installation package in the apachefriends xammp PHP environment on Windows.


XAMPP is an installation package that combines Apache servers, PHP, Perl, and MySQL. You only need to download and decompress the package. It has four versions: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris.

Xampp1.7.1 Environment Description

Apache httpd 2.2.11 + OpenSSL 0.9.8i

MySQL 5.1.33

PHP 5.2.9


XAMPP, CLI, bundle 1.3

Filezilla FTP server 0.9.31

Mercury Mail Transport System 4.62

Installation Steps on Windows

Step 1: Download the XAMPP Windows installation package. I downloaded the xampp-win32-1.7.1 installation package. How to Use the PHP open-source system to create an installation package with different versions of XAMPP on the PHP website.

Step 2: Click to installProgram, Follow the prompts to proceed step by step.

Select the XAMPP installation package Language

Xampp1.7.1 Win32 installation Interface

Select the installation directory of XAMPP. Here I install it on disk D.

XAMPP configuration options

Note: XAMPP is not activated by default for Apache, PHP, MySQL, SMTP, and FTP services. Each time you restart the server, you need to activate the relevant services on the XAMPP control panel, if you are prompted to select which services are system services, you can set Apache, MySQL, and FTP services as system services so that the website can still run without logon after Windows is started. If no configuration is set during installation, you can find the batch of processing files \ apache \ apache_installservice.bat, apache_uninstallservice.bat, \ mysql \ mysql_installservice.bat, mysql_uninstallservice.bat, and prepare under the XAMPP installation directory, set or cancel the Apache, MySQL, and FTP services. In addition, the control panel of XAMPP can also control the startup and stop of the PHP environment configuration of XAMPP.

Finally, according to the prompts, the installation package is automatically installed in the PHP environment on the XAMPP Windows platform. Of course, if the installation package is used as a commercial PHP environment, the default configuration of XAMPP still has security risks, manual configuration is required.

PHP environment security configuration instructions

Major security risks: root users of MySQL and phpMyAdmin do not have a password, causing directory access problems.

Enter http: // localhost/XAMPP/index. php In the browser to enter the XAMPP management interface.

Xamppforwindows Management Interface

As prompted, you can test and verify OpenSSL, view the PHP environment details, and test samples.

Click Security menu on the leftYou can view the current installation status of XAMPP on windows and the default TCP ports of various service programs.

MySQL and phpMyAdmin Security Settings

Method 1: Click or enter http: // localhost/XAMPP/xamppsecurity. PHP, select the phpMyAdmin authentication method: HTTP and cookie, and set the root user password of the MySQL database. If you are afraid of forgetting, you can also select to output the plaintext password to the corresponding text file at the same time.

Method 2: Open the config. Inc. php file in the XAMPP/phpMyAdmin folder. Find$ Cfg ['servers'] [$ I] ['auth _ type'] = 'config'Change to HTTP. For how to set the password for the root user of MySQL, refer to method 1 or directly enter

\ XAMPP \ mysql \ bin \ mysqladmin-u Root Password yourpass.

Directory Protection Security Settings

By default, XAMPP only supports XAMPP directory protection under htdocs. You only need to click or enter http: // localhost/XAMPP/xamppsecurity. PHP: Enter the user name and password under the XAMPP directory protection. It also has the option to output the plaintext password to the relevant text file.

Note: The Directory protection policy used by XAMPP is. the htaccess file works with the htpasswd command of Apache. Of course, XAMPP only provides directory protection for the XAMPP directory under htdocs. How can I set the PHP Directory protection function freely, so that illegal access is prohibited? You just need to check the htaccess function in the securefunctions. php file in the XAMPP \ SECURITY \ htdocs directory.

Xampp php environment configuration file:

Apache: \ XAMPP \ apache \ conf \ httpd. conf

PHP: \ XAMPP \ PHP. ini

MySQL: \ XAMPP \ mysql \ bin \ My. ini

PhpMyAdmin: \ XAMPP \ phpMyAdmin \ config. Inc. php

Filezilla ftp: \ XAMPP \ filezillaftp \ filezilla server. xml

Mercury Mail:. \ XAMPP \ mercurymail \ mercury. ini

Sendmail: \ XAMPP \ Sendmail \ sendmail. ini


All master files are stored in the htdocs folder (\ XAMPP \ htdocs)

The above is a detailed tutorial on how to install XAMPP on the Windows platform and how to configure and set up the directory in the PHP environment. For more things, you need to use and understand PHP for beginners.

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