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Ereg_replace -- Regular expression replacement (php Tutorial 3, php 4, php 5)

String ereg_replace (string pattern, string replacement, string)

This function scans the part matching pattern in string and replaces it with replacement.

Returns the replaced string. (If there is no matching item to be replaced, the original string is returned .)

<? Php
$ String = "this is a test ";
Echo str_replace ("is", "was", $ string );
Echo ereg_replace ("() is", "1was", $ string );
Echo ereg_replace ("() is)", "2was", $ string );

The output is as follows:
That was a test
That was a test
That was a test

<Td class = 'title'> popular oou limited edition bath towel for two </td>
Replace the whole with null or
<Td class = 'title'> popular oou limited edition bath towel for two </td>
<Td class = 'title'> </td>


Echo preg_replace ('/(<td [^ <>] + title [^ <>] +>) [^ <>] * (</td>)/I ', '', $ html );


Echo preg_replace ('/(<td [^ <>] + title [^ <>] +>) [^ <>] * (</td>)/I ', '$1 $2', $ html );

First, this regular expression matches similar formats:
<Td * title *> * </td>. Here, each asterisk * represents multiple arbitrary characters, which is equivalent to [^ <>] + in each * corresponding to the regular expression, for exact match, any character here does not contain '<', '> '.
For the replacement strings $1 and $2 in the second type, they are the matching values in the two groups () corresponding to the regular expression respectively. in this form of regular expressions, it is called subpattern matching. $1 and $2 are called reverse matching results.

Here, the result of $1 matching is <td class = 'title'>, and the result of $2 matching is </td>

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