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One, the following example can remove extra whitespace

The code is as follows

$STR = "This line containstliberal RN with Whitespace.nn";
The leading/trailing whitespace
Remove the start and end blank
$str = Trim ($STR);
Now remove any doubled-up whitespace
To take the rest of the space and squeeze it in.
$str = Preg_replace ('/s (? =s)/', ', $str);
Finally, replace any non-space whitespace and a space
Finally, remove the blank space, using a space instead
$str = preg_replace ('/[nrt]/', ', ', $str);
Echo out: ' This line contains liberal the use of whitespace. '
echo "<pre>{$str}</pre>";

Second, replace line feed

PHP has three ways to solve

The code is as follows

1. Use Str_replace to replace line wrapping
$str = Str_replace (Array ("RN", "R", "N"), "", $str);

2, the use of regular replacement
$str = preg_replace ('//s*/', ', ', $str);

3. Use PHP to define a good variable (recommended)
$str = Str_replace (Php_eol, ', $str);

The code is as follows:

The code is as follows

* Get line breaks for the user's operating system, n
* @access Public
* @return String
function Get_crlf ()
if (Stristr ($_server[' http_user_agent '], ' Win '))
$the _crlf = ' RN ';
ElseIf (Stristr ($_server[' http_user_agent '), ' Mac ')
$the _crlf = ' R '; For Old MAC OS
$the _crlf = ' n '; the right to a significant point
return $the _crlf;

Note: When the front page is displayed, use the NL2BR to change the line into

Third, replace carriage return

  code is as follows &nbs P;

  &nbs p; //php the line-wrapping    of different systems;
   //The implementation of line wrapping between different systems is not the same   
   / linux  with Unix/n  
   //mac with/r  
   //window In order to be different from Linux is the/r/n  
   //So the implementation of the method on different platforms is not the same   
   //php There are three ways to solve   
   /1, Use Str_replace to replace newline   
    $str = str_replace (Array ("/r/n", "/R", "/n"), "", $str);  & NBSP;&NBSP
   //2, using regular substitution &NBSP;&NBSP
    $str = preg_replace ('//s*/', ', $str);   
    3. Use PHP-defined variables (recommended)   
    $str = str_replace (Php_eol, ', $str);   

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