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Constantly consolidate, understand most of the common functions of PHP, and understanding Oop,mysql optimization, as well as templates; is a social networking site in Germany.
Using the php5.3.x with APC enabled

51CTO Recommended reading: Nginx + php-fpm + apc= wonderful combination

Program code is developed based on the Symfony1.2 framework.
Website performance optimization Using XHPROF, this is a class library of Facebook open source. This framework is very easy to personalize and configure, and can cache most of the high-cost server computations. This machine has been in use for 4 years, and the next plan is to replace it with a shared cluster. The design is still based on this system to simplify the data access code. Partitioning data based on user ID, because most of the information in the site is user-centric, such as photos, videos, messages, etc.

There are three servers that provide user forum services on a master-slave-from-configuration architecture. One from the server responsible for Web site custom message store, there are now 250 million messages. The other four machines are dominated-from the configuration relationship. In addition, 4 machines are configured to serve the NDB communities with intensive write operations, such as user access statistics.

The data table design avoids the associated operation as much as possible and caches the most data. Of course, the structural specifications of the database have been completely destroyed. Therefore, to make it easier to search, the database design creates a data mining table. Most tables are MyISAM-type tables that provide quick lookups. The problem now is that more and more tables are locked in the full table. is considering migrating to the XTRADB storage engine.

The memcached application in the site architecture is quite large, with more than 45GB of cache and 51 nodes. It caches session sessions, view caches, and function execution caches. There is a system in the schema that can automatically update the data to the cache when the record is modified. A possible scenario for future improvements to cache updates is to use the new Redis Hash API or MongoDB.

2. Command

You must be familiar with some common commands of PHP and their common options, and be familiar with those commands and run php.exe-h yourself. If you haven't used all of these commands, you really don't know much about PHP.

3. Tools

You must be skilled at at least one of the IDE's development tools, such as Eclipse, Netbeans, Zend, or editplus,ultraedit, including project management, settings for common options, installation configuration for PHP plug-ins, and debugging.

4. API

PHP's core API is very large, but there are some content I think must be familiar with, otherwise it is not possible to skillfully use PHP, including:

(1) File directory processing function package more than 80% functions of the function of the flexible use.

(2) Flexible use of functions of more than 80% functions in date-time functions

(3) The contents of 100% in the mathematical function library.

(4) More than 60% of the content in the network library is familiar with the functions of each function.

(5) More than 60% of the contents of the string processing function, especially the various processing functions.

(6) More than 90% of the contents of regular expression functions, especially the various regular processing

(7) More than 40% of the contents of some security library, if there is no contact with security, it is impossible to master PHP

(8) XML processing, familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of sax, Dom and Jdom, and can use one of the XML parsing and content processing.

(9) More than 80% of the contents of the graph Image function library, especially some image generation and processing

(ten) more than 90% of MySQL database functions, especially functions that handle various kinds of data

(11) More than 90% of the contents of the array processing function, especially the various operation processing functions

(12) Other pear,pecl, and some more than 80% of the extended class library, especially the processing of some commonly used classes

(13) To find different function libraries for different needs.
5. Testing

You must be familiar with automated tests that use PHPUnit to write test case completion code.

6. Management

Must be familiar with Xinc, phing and other common tasks of project management, such as Project compilation, Generation Phpdoc, Generation, version control, automated testing.

7. Troubleshooting

You should be able to locate the cause and approximate location of the problem quickly based on the exception information.

8. Thought

The main requirements of OOP must be mastered so that a system developed using PHP can be a real PHP system.

9. Specification

The code you write must conform to popular coding specifications, which makes the program more readable.

10. Knowledgeable

Master Ooa, OOD, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Zendframework, cakephp, symfony, template technology and other popular technologies, Master software architecture design ideas, search engine optimization, cache system design, website load Balancing, The system performance tuning is a practical technology.

Combine the above, did not find PHP and Java what is different! There are many things to learn in PHP and Java, or. Net.
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