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PHP Time Timers
Please help the master, PHP how to get time timer, that is, every time to execute the program?

PHP doesn't seem to have it,
Should be in the JS, or under the Linux/unix can be achieved!
Use Sleep () to set the interval time, and then run the program as a command line.
The simplest way to do this is to judge the time in the code, and if so, run it. If it is a static page, it can be started with JavaScript src= ' xxx.php '. If there is a visitor, no visitors will be able to run.
Write a planning task on it, win Linux can be, and then decide when to decide at what time
1. You can use for and then add a sleep
2. Or do a scheduled task in win
First understand the principle of the web and then send the post.
Well, use the sleep function. ~~~~~~~~
Not a real problem, I have encountered such a problem. Or Ajax to do, or system timed tasks. Sleep will make PHP always have a process in, feel uncomfortable
Cronjob cronjob Cronjob
It's best to do it in Windows or Linux.
If it's a rented host, it's not going to work.
Look at Commet technology.
Inside the Loop +sleep ()

Setimeout ();
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