PHP to determine the number of days to start trading to the current time and judge beyond the specified number of days

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Withdrawal User Amount Status Start Trading hours Current trading days Payment date is currently exceeded
{$v. G_user} {$v. JB} Pending payment The paid transaction was successful {$v. Date}

Start to current number of days

Now time-start date {$v. date}= trading Days

This shows " exceeded " if the current number of days exceeds 2 days

How to judge {$v. Date} Start trading time to date (' y-m-d h:i:s ', Time ()), the number of days is the difference, that is, the number of days to start trading to now trade how many days, this {$v. Date} is the time to read the start of the database record;

Then there is another one that is if the specified number of days is exceeded by 2 days, in the otherShow "Time exceeded, trade stopped"
I haven't done it for a while, please give me a code reference.

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