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PHP is a server scripting language designed for Web development, but it is also a common programming language. More than 240 million indexed domains use PHP, including many important sites, such as Facebook, Digg, and WordPress. Compared to other scripting languages, such as Python and ruby,web developers, there are many good reasons to have a skin preference for PHP.
For PHP developers, there are many development tools available on the Internet, but finding a suitable PHP development tool is difficult and takes a lot of effort and time. Today, we introduce 45 convenient PHP tools for developers.


Plates is an easy-to-use PHP template system. Plates is designed for people who prefer to use local templates rather than compiling templates.


Laravel is an open-source framework with an elegant expression of language.


A laravel Parsedown wrapper, capable of compiling markdown into HTML. Parsedown runs quickly and supports GitHub flavored markdown.


Guzzle is a PHP version of the HTTP client that makes PHP easy to use with the http/1.1 protocol and can reduce the pain of Web services.


HOA is a set of PHP libraries that create a bridge between industry and research.


Php-cpp is a php extension library written in C + +. It provides a collection of good documentation and easy-to-use classes that can be used and extended to build native PHP extensions.


Twig is a fast, secure and stable php template engine.

Requests for PHP

Requests is an HTTP library written in PHP.

The Prettifier

Prettifier provides a platform for online editing, formatting, and language highlighting for a number of programming languages, such as Css/html/xml/php/sql/perl.

Geocoder PHP

Geocoder is a very good library for building GEO applications, providing an abstraction layer for geocoding operations.

Slim Starter

Slim starter, created by Xsanisty, is a solution for creating advanced Web applications.


Mink is a PHP library that allows you to interactively test the Web APP in your browser, removing the API differences between the two browser emulators and providing you with a more accurate test environment.


Forp is a PHP parser written in C. Forp is a lightweight PHP extension that provides a simple PHP array or JSON output that contains the full script call stack and CPU and memory usage. Forp is non-invasive and provides PHP comments to complete the work.


For PHP developers, belt is a very useful tool that provides more than 60 useful functions.

Icon Generator for PHP

Icon Generator allows you to generate icon icons based on a color background, similar to Gmail's.


Rainloop is a free open source PHP web mail application that has a modern user interface that supports SMTP + IMAP.

Pattern Lab

The pattern lab is not just a front-end framework, but also a PHP-driven static Site Builder, project Schema Library, and front-end style guide.


Composer is a standalone PHP admin plug-in that creates a combo file at the root of your project and then runs a command, so all your dependencies can be downloaded and used.


Directus is a free open-source, client-friendly database GUI created with Backbone.js, which provides rich functionality for users to quickly develop and customize database solution management.

PHP Debug Bar

Debug can be easily integrated into any project and can display analytical data from any part of the application. It comes from the features of the PHP built-in Data collector and the popular items.

Phalcon PHP

Phalcon PHP is a web framework for C extension that provides high performance and low resource consumption.


Pinboard is a MySQL storage engine that provides a read-only interface for real-time monitoring/statistical data Services for MySQL usage in PHP.


Casebox is an open-source, php/mysql-driven Web application for storing and managing records, tasks, and files. It has a desktop-like interface, and we can create a unlimited-level directory to prioritize the storage of structured things.


Munee is an all-in-one repository that handles many things related to optimizing and manipulating Web resources. Munee also has a very powerful caching feature that can cache resources on both the server and the client.


Imageworkshop is a GD library-based open source class that can help you manage images with PHP. This class is much like PS, GIMP's image editing software: You can add many layers or groups of layers, each with a background image.


Sylius, a free, open-source e-commerce solution designed for PHP (based on Symfony2), is able to manage stores and complex product categories of any size.


Pico is an open-source CMS application that has nothing to spare, and this is the most important thing. It uses a flat file as a database and is built with PHP. Simply put, this app will work without setting anything.

PHP Myfaq

PHP Myfaq is a stable and open source PHP f.a.q. Application, for building a good f.a.q. The system provides a number of features and provides a powerful management interface to manage categories, entries, users, and view statistics. a## #PHP Documentor
PHP Documentor can read the structure of the code, the file system structure, classes, functions, and in between, and generate documents.


CakePHP is an open-source Web application framework that follows the MVC pattern and is written in PHP. It is modeled after the concept of Ruby on Rails and published under the MIT License.


CodeIgniter is a powerful, open-source PHP framework.

Monsta FTP

Monsta FTP is a PHP cloud, and the FTP file management can be placed in a Web browser, you can drag and drop files in the browser.


XAMPP is a free and open source cross-platform Web server solution that mainly includes Apache HTTP server, MySQL database, PHP and Perl script interpreter.


NetBeans is open source and allows you to quickly develop desktop, mobile, and Web applications using Java, HTML5, PHP, C + +, and more.


Aura provides a separate library package for php5.4+. These packages can be used alone, consistent, and self-assembled into a complete framework.


Phpcheckstyle is an open source feature that helps PHP programmers maintain a consistent coding style. The tool checks the input PHP source code and reports any violations of the given criteria.

PHP Mess Detector

PHP Mess Detector Easy to configure, front-end user-friendly. It can check for potential problems in the code, including possible errors, suboptimal code, unused parameters, and so on.


Kohana is an elegant, open-source and object-oriented HMVC framework based on PHP5, maintained and developed by a group of volunteers. Its goal is rapid, safe, and lightweight.


A CSS file parser written in PHP. Sabberworm allows extracting CSS files into a data structure, manipulating the structure and outputting (optimized) CSS.


The Nette framework is a tool developed by Phpweb. It is designed to be as friendly and easy to use as possible. It focuses on security and performance, and is definitely one of the safest PHP development frameworks.

PHP Markdown

This is a library package that contains the PHP markdown Parser and additional feature extensions. Markdown is a text-to-html conversion tool.

Yii 2

Yii 2 Full rewrite of its previous version 1.1,yii is also one of the most popular PHP development frameworks. Yii is a high-performance PHP framework that is best suited for developing Web 2.0 applications.

PHP Sandbox

PHP Sandbox uses Phpparser to prevent unsafe code from running in the sandbox. It uses functionparser decomposition to pass the call to the sandbox, so that the PHP call can run in the sandbox, even if it is not converted to a string.

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