PhP5 Chinese reference manual and related resource collection

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1. Download PhP5 Chinese Reference Manual:The Chinese version is based on the official HTML file generated in September 12, and integrates all user comments (as of 06/29/2006 ).Download PhP5 Chinese Reference Manual

2. PhP5 chapters in the PHP official manual:

Authoritative materials, but unfortunately many chapters are blank. PhP5 Information Center
PhP5 is a base camp with rich information and timely updates.

4. PhP5 Forum:
1) sitepoint PHP advanced programming area
Http:// F = 147
2) PhP5 Forum
Http:// Num = 6

Two popular forums (including some PHP core developers) that are frequently visited from time to time. If you have any questions on PhP5, you can find the answer here.

5. Other related sites:
1) PhP5 Wiki


Chinese Resources

PHP resources in China are the most abundant. Some PhP5Article.


The first PHP electronic magazine (PDF) in China, which provides the latest PHP information, the first issue of each month. PhP5 related technical articles will be released one after another.

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