PHP5.3 and Zend compilation

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PHP5.3 and Zend compilation ■ first talk about tools

Zend Guard 5.0.1 and compiled files can only run in the environment where Zend Optimizer (current version 3.3.3) is installed.

Zend Guard 5.5.0 and later versions. the compiled files can only run in the environment where Zend Guard Loader (current version 5.5.0) is installed.

Zend Guard Loader is a substitute for Zend Optimizer. The former can only be installed in the PHP5.3 series, and the latter can only be installed in the PHP5.2 series and below.

They're all here:

■ Let's change the argument.

If PHP5.3 is used, compile it with Zend Guard 5.5 or later and install Zend Guard Loader of the opposite version on the server.

If you are using PHP5.2, use Zend Guard versions earlier than 5.5 and install Zend Optimizer on the server.

■ WAP3 combination of cups

If you use a Linux host, everything above is OK.

If you use Windows + IIS + PHP5.3 or above, everything is OK.

If you use Windows + Apache + PHP5.3, you have a cup of cake ......

Because the official Windows version of Zend Guard Loader only supports VC9, that is, it only supports IIS!

■ Solution

Or wait for the official website to launch the Zend Guard Loader of VC6. (From this point of view, it seems that the possibility is not very high in the short term)

Or, discard Apache and use IIS.

Or, discard Windows and switch to Linux.

Or, you give up compiling ......

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Decrypt the zend-PHP Phoenix Source Code program
There are many zend decryption tools on the network. baidu or Google may have a lot of cracking software, such as zendok and Dezender, which can be directly decrypted, although the decrypted file cannot be directly run, it is easy to find basic syntax errors and can be run with a slight modification!

========================================================== ============================

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