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Difference between rn and n in unix in php Tutorial

N soft carriage return:
In Windows, it indicates a line break and returns to the starting position of the next line. It is equivalent to the r in Mac OS.
In Linux and unix, it only indicates line breaks, but does not return to the starting position of the next line.

R soft space:
In Linux and unix, return to the starting position of the row.
In Mac OS, line breaks are displayed and returned to the start position of the next line, which is equivalent to n in Windows.

T-hop (move to the next column ).

They are valid in double quotes or delimiters, and are invalid in single quotes.
Rn is generally used together to represent the enter key on the keyboard. n can be used only.
T indicates the "TAB" key on the keyboard.

Just like the difference between using enter and shift + enter, if you want to display the effect on the page, you need to convert it to HTML code or use...

Line Feed characters in the file:

Linux, unix: rn
Windows: n
Mac OS: r


0x0A (10) in n LF or ASCII)
0x0D (13) in r CR or ASCII)
T horizontal tab-0x09 (9) in HT or ASCII)
$ Circle character
"Double quotation marks
'Single quotes

Figure 1

I don't understand what "(CRLF)" means!

I checked some information and found its original intention in a post:

Starting address

One of them gave me a reply to this problem and introduced the reason for rn in windows.

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