PHPMYADMIN cannot load MYSQL Extensions. Check the PHP configuration.

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1. First, check the PHP configuration file php. ini.

Open PHP under the php installation directory. in the ini file, Ctrl + F search for "php_mysql.dll" and delete ";" before "; extension = php_mysql.dll" to cancel comments, search for and modify the value of "extension_dir" to the folder where the "php_mysql.dll" file is located. That is:

Extension_dir = "D: PHPext"

Extension = php_mysql.dll

2. However, the installation version used through this page does not save the ext folder of the PHP extension DLL file, so there is no php_mysql.dll. Of course there will be problems when we run phpMyAdmin.

Continue to open http: \ www. php. netdownloads. in php, select the "PHP 5.2.3 zip package" file and decompress all the ext folders to the PHP installation directory. Therefore, extension_dir = "D: PHPext" is available. (note: the premise is that your PHP is installed on the D drive)

3. Modified the php. Ini file and added the ext folder containing php_mysql.dll. We recommend that you restart the computer and debug phpMyAdmin.

4. Of course, modify the MySQL account and password in the config. inc. Php file in the phpMyAdmin folder.

In addition, I searched for solutions to the next problem on the network. the INI file and php_mysql.dll are copied to the c: windows and c: windowssystem32 directories. This is because PHP is not an installed version. Generally, the installation version is not required, you can select "environment variable" in "My Computer" attribute "advanced" to view the system variable "Path", which indicates the PHP installation Path.

PhpMyAdmin "unable to load mysql extension, please check PHP configuration" problem solved

To sum up

Then, the php installation folder contains three files, php. ini, libmysql. dll, and extphp_mysql.dll;

In php. ini

Extension = php_mysql.dll changed to extension = php_mysql.dll

Extension_dir = "." This is not important. You do not have to change it to extension_dir = "c: phpext"

Finally, I copied php. ini to the c: windows directory and c: windowssystem32 directory.

Copy libmysql. dll; extphp_mysql.dll to these two directories respectively.

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