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Data | Problems in phpMyAdmin2.6 above because of the support of multi-language set, let us use phpMyAdmin management database, query out of the Chinese are garbled, but in our PHP program calls without these problems.

It seems that there is a problem with the configuration of phpMyAdmin2.6, in order to solve this problem, I googled the relevant information, such a lot of problems, but not one can be solved, is really no way, it seems only to solve their own hands.

Finally spent half a day of time, finally found a more eclectic way to solve.

To the root directory of phpMyAdmin2.6, open the following file:
1, to find a "zh-gb2312" that line, the ' zh-gb2312 ' changed to ' Zh-gb2312-utf-8 '
Why do you add this? That's because the server will filter out the language without "-utf-8", in line 168th of libraries/database_interface.lib.php, according to English: "To prevent confusion",:<
Or if you don't change ' zh-gb2312 ' to ' zh-gb2312-utf-8 ', you can remove the filter. Just get rid of that if it's OK.

2, find "$mysql _charset_map = Array (" That line
Put ' gb2312 ' => ' gb2312 ',
Changed to ' gb2312 ' => ' latin1 ',

Save, OK, enter phpMyAdmin management, select language Chinese Simplified (zh-gb2312-utf-8)
Take a look at your Chinese data again.

So, my solution is only to modify the libraries/select_lang.lib.php this file in the two words on the line, more convenient and quick, haha.

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