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php+mysql/Development Video Tutorial
Cao Peng Php+mysql
Providing popular power for network development Php+mysql is the most dynamic combination today.

1. Notes
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2. Basic types
[url=] link tag variable [/url]
[url=] link tag number [/url]
[url=] Link tag floating point [/url]
[url=] link tag boolean [/url]
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3. Conditions and Cycles
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[url=] Link tag logical operation [/url]
[url=] LINK tag switch statement [/url]
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4. String
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[url=] link tag substring [/url]
[url=] Link tag case function [/url]
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5. Arrays
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6. Functions
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[url=] link marker global [/url]
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7. mysql/Interaction
[url=] Link-tag relational database [/url]
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[url=] link tag MySQL crud[/url]
[url=] link marker Phpmyadmin[/url]
[url=] Link tag import database [/url]
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[url=] Link Tag user registration 1[/url]
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8. Ending
[url=] Link tag php debug[/url]
[url=] Links tagged php resources [/url]
[url=] Link marks the path of the master [/url]

Cao Peng Programming State 2009. All rights RESERVED. true techarticle php+mysql/Development Video Tutorial solution [img][/img] Cao Peng Php+mysql to provide popular power for network development php+ MySQL is the most used in today's motion ...

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