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The official website has no Chinese, but the program supports Chinese. It can switch both online and offline, and the text in the options is also available in Simplified Chinese, which is very good.

Software Download Address:

As far as I know many students want to try to learn PHP, helpless to install under Windows a PHP environment to learn for the rookie students more than enough to let more than half of the people give up, after all, apache+php+mysql these 3 programs configured up more trouble, for beginners , it's really foggy to figure out what those configurations are. So the fool-type Integrated Wamp program (WINDOWS+APACHE+PHP+MYSQL) came out, this kind of software can let lazy and novice friends exempt from the installation configuration of a variety of server software trouble, so that students are more quickly into the PHP language itself in the development and learning.

WAMP software has many, and basically are free, such as XAMPP and so on, and today we want to introduce to you is--wamp Server, yes! It's called wamp!.

Lamp is an abbreviation, which refers to a group of well-known free and open-source software that is commonly used to run dynamic Web sites or servers, including: Linux operating systems, Apache Web servers, MySQL database management systems (or database servers), PHP and sometimes Perl or The Python scripting language. The first letter of their names makes up the word lamp. Also, using these software combinations under Windows operating systems is called Wamp.

Although these open-source programs are not specifically designed to work with several other programs, they are often used in conjunction with the larger open source software used to build Web servers. In the past few years, the compatibility of these components has been perfected, and the application situation is becoming more common. And they have created some extended functionality to improve collaboration between different components. These products are currently included by default in almost all Linux distributions. Linux operating systems, Apache servers, MySQL databases and Perl, PHP, or Python languages, these products together form a powerful Web application platform.

The latest Wamp server includes: Apache 2.2.11/mysql 5.1.33/php 5.2.9-2, its configuration is super easy, excited? All right, let's go!!

Double-click the downloaded file (under the download address), and the installation interface appears, telling you to uninstall the old version of Wamp and install the new edition

Select "Yes" to start the installation, then go all the way to the next bar, then choose the installation directory, recommend using the default address

Select the installation directory after the Click Next continue, Next is the shortcut icon, domain name and so on, this I will not say more, click Next on the line, installation to the end will appear to choose Explorer hints, positioning to%windir%explorer.exe can

icon appears when installation is complete

Run, the tray will appear with a dot red white icon, but the default is the birds, do not worry, this is a multinational language. Right click on tray icon-language-chinese can be changed to Chinese version

This will be changed to Simplified Chinese, click on the icon, start all services

The icon will then become white.

Attach: If Apache fails to start, please exit the 80-port software, start workstation and DNS Client service, network protocol to install Microsoft Network Client, and if it does not start, To your connection name-Properties-Network-internet Protocol-Properties-Advanced-wins-import lmhosts-your Apache Httpd.exe address (generally wamp\bin\apache\bin\httpd.exe) is OK.

(according to X-force experience, thunder, Electric Donkey, QQ music and other programs will occupy 80 ports yo)

Select phpMyAdmin (a Web version of the program used to manage the MySQL database)

Click Add New user, we add a database to the user

According to my settings, username and password random, mine is 123 123. At this point we can install some commonly used PHP programs to play, such as the discuz is using WordPress, or a forum. Now we take discuz as an example, test, discuz installation before the small set up, php-php settings-check short open tag

Download Discuz, unzip, copy all the files in the Discuz upload folder to Wamp's www directory, and access http://localhost/upload/install/in the browser index.php, then will appear Discuz installation interface, click I agree-Test pass, appear:

Database username and password in accordance with the above settings, the following is the Discuz administrator username, the password casually, click "Fill out the next step." There will be a complete installation of the interface, OK! We have successfully built our own forum on Windows native, and the overall steps are very simple.

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