Phpstorm can locally test PHP without installing apache. phpstormapache_PHP tutorial

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Phpstorm can locally test PHP and phpstormapache without installing apache. Phpstorm can test PHP locally without installing apache. phpstormapache has another PHP project recently. I have found phpstorm is very small and easy to use ,, by the way, we recommend that you test PHP and phpstormapache locally without installing apache.

Recently I have another PHP Project. I found phpstorm very small and easy to use. By the way, I recommend idea to develop android very well. These two ides are from a company.
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When I first started using phpstorm, I found that phpstorm can test programs without configuring and installing the development environment like vs (because there are too many things developed on my computer, one fewer server program is installed)
Okay, don't talk nonsense. let's teach you how to get it. (because I think it's useful to think of sending tutorials, there are no links. please use Baidu for relevant resources, many methods are not available on the Internet ):
Step 1: Download the PHP program from the official PHP website and decompress it;
Step 2: (If you do not test MYSQL, you can skip this step) Download the free MYSQL version from the MYSQL official website and install it on your computer. Generally, you only need to install the server, the client can download navicat;
Step 3: you can directly test PHP without installing APACHE and other components. click File> Settings> PHP, locate Interpreter in the right window, and click the directory button, go to the directory where the PHP program is extracted just now (if an error is prompted or the PHP version cannot be identified, download the PHP program again. it is divided into 32-bit and 64-bit, try both of them), OK, and OK. return to the code editing page. click the browser icon in the upper right corner to view the code execution result in the browser.
Is it very simple, indeed, but the important thing is still behind it. if the function cannot be found, perform the following operations, let me take MYSQL support as an example,
If you encounter a prompt that mysql_connect () is not supported, you do not need to follow the prompt to search the internet. what you cannot find is a phpstorm problem ..
Solution process:
1. go to the PHP program directory and set php. copy ini-development, put it in the original directory, and rename it as php. ini, find "; extension = php_mysql.dll", and save the previous;
2. go back to PHPSTORM and click File-> Settings-> PHP. find Interpreter in the right window and click the refresh button on the right. you will find an error message indicating that my prompt cannot find c: \ php \ php_mysql.dll. All right, copy ext \ php_mysql.dll under the php program to c: \ php \ php_mysql.dll at this location;
3. Finally, go back to the PHPSTORM point File-> Settings-> PHP ghost is over. now, refresh your code page.

Pipeline has another PHP project recently. I found phpstorm very small and easy to use. By the way, I recommend id...

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