Phpstorm regular match Delete blank line, Comment line

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This article mainly describes the Phpstorm regular match to delete empty lines, comment lines, the need for friends can refer to the following

Using Phpstorm to write PHP and JavaScript code, it feels good and very comfortable to use.

Encountered a requirement, sometimes when reading the framework source code, want to filter (delete) out of the source code comment lines, if the manual row-by-line deletion shows unscientific.

Of course the strong regular match (REGEXP regular expression) was thought of, and by writing a regular expression to find out all the comment lines and replace them with empty, the requirement was fulfilled.

1. Ctrl + F, enter the regular expression:(//.*$)|(/*(.|s)*?*/)

2. Ctrl + R, do not enter:

3. Click Replace all on the back

However, it was found that this did not fully fulfill our needs, but instead of replacing the comment line with a blank line.

So, let's write a regular expression that matches the empty line and deletes it.

1.ctrl + F, enter the regular expression:^n

2.ctrl + R, no input

3. Click Replace all on the back

However, it was found that the blank line was not completely deleted. (There are some empty lines not deleted)

So, we continue to come up with a regular match to delete.

1.ctrl + F, enter the regular expression:sn

2.ctrl + R, no input

3. Click Replace all on the back

OK, here, all the empty lines are deleted. Have a good time-:)

Phpstorm using regular to remove PHP code empty line Tips

There are a lot of small partners will encounter code empty line is very much, but a row of delete must be very irritable, this time need to use to bulk delete empty rows.

How to delete empty rows in bulk?

My approach is to use the regular to find all the empty lines, and then replace all with a key.

First tick the match case and the regex.

The first search box fills in a regular rule:^\n

After matching to all empty lines, click "Replace All".

The replacement effect is as follows:

In fact, these three steps should be able to synthesize one step to achieve, we can think of!

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