Pigoss BSM and "China's traffic construction" join hands with the construction of information operation and maintenance support system

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China's construction informatization has developed rapidly in recent years, and the core business system has achieved remarkable results. However, over the years, China has paid attention to the construction of business informatization, which pays insufficient attention to information security construction. Over the past year through two operations to the portal, from a systematic point of view, through internal it management, maintenance personnel interviews, research banking It security work, benchmarking Itss\itil and other domestic and foreign standards, from IT the information base environment, information security protection, and information system operation and maintenance are all evaluated comprehensively. In-depth analysis of the current IT operations and security issues existing deficiencies and gaps, and put forward targeted solutions.

The first phase of the operation and maintenance of the most urgent is to build it infrastructure of a full range of monitoring platform, and with the engine room power monitoring and large-screen display. After comprehensive research and testing, the final choice pigoss BSM Enterprise Edition as the monitoring and management platform in it operation and maintenance system, as well as a full range of monitoring and management of it infrastructure and applications, including different brand models at home and abroad Real-time monitoring and alerting of the daily performance of multiple network devices, security devices, servers, and storage devices, as well as professional monitoring of various categories of basic applications such as virtualization, database, middleware, storage backup, and more In particular, in-depth monitoring of the database will significantly improve the operational support capabilities of the core business. Future Pigoss BSM will also provide 3D large-screen display, computer room dynamic ring monitoring tools integrated interface and customized services, and strive to build information business to provide reliable help, better service in the construction group development Strategy, In the information technology to achieve the international industry advanced level and meet the relevant requirements of ministries.

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China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. is approved by the State Council, by the China Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd. (State Council SASAC supervision of Central Enterprises) restructuring and the establishment of an exclusive company, established in2006yearsTenMonth8Day. 2006years AMonth theChina Transportation Construction Co., Ltd., listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong, became China's first large-scale state-owned infrastructure enterprise to realize the whole overseas. -years7China Transportation Construction Co., Ltd. successfully selected for the world -Strong, ranked the first426bit; -year, ranked the first213bit. China Transportation Construction Co., Ltd. is the first of the Chinese mainland construction Enterprises1is the most representative company in China's construction industry.

Pigoss BSM and "China's traffic construction" join hands with the construction of information operation and maintenance support system

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