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PKM values:
Personal knowledge management is not simply a choice to charge, to learn other knowledge in the way of university, we should understand the motivation of learning, the needs of society and the ability to use knowledge, and knowledge management can not only accumulate on reading, but also find an effective way to increase the value of knowledge, and build up long-term development ability.
PKM's core objectives:
Personal knowledge management lies in: This knowledge capital can embody and add value, so that we not only know how to accumulate knowledge, but also understand the use of knowledge and measure its value.
PKM's starting point:
From the macroscopic point of view, the market-oriented knowledge structure adjustment has certain reason, can also be the supply and demand of talent to get a better balance, but in terms of individuals, more need to combine their own advantages to arrange, character, temperament in the career impact of a huge, personal knowledge structure with it, in order to most effectively exert their potential
The value of PK evaluation:
The ability to apply knowledge and knowledge is the basis of value, and judging a person's knowledge should at least be done from these two aspects. In the knowledge accumulation aspect needs to examine is, its knowledge structure rationality, including the degree of fit with social needs and the degree of fit with individual interests, in addition to the depth and breadth of the balance; in the application of knowledge, it is necessary to investigate the practical problems, the solution is to find a single answer from the subject direction, Or can be integrated application, the different disciplines of knowledge dynamic combination of application
The accumulation method of PK:
On the method of knowledge accumulation, there are two points to emphasize: first, the process of knowledge accumulation in non-formal education is equally important, and the second is that the process of planning knowledge accumulation should be dynamic and managed.
Knowledge Appreciation:
It is the most important part of knowledge increment to observe one's own knowledge structure horizontally and to plan one's own knowledge structure vertically.
Update management of Professional knowledge:
The update management of professional knowledge includes the analysis of the structure of the individual, compared with the evaluation of the social level, the evaluation of professional knowledge, and the dynamic concept of the personal knowledge structure. Education is a misunderstanding of knowledge management

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