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Play Google-manage personal knowledge-presentation transcript
  1. Play all over Google services and use Google services for PKM (Personal Knowledge Management )? China Telecom Internet department of services Google adwords digital institute site chief: Hui
  2. Gmail medical test information: "Min Kang"
    • There are at least five reasons for using Gmail:
    • Inbound volumes of all Google services
    • Fixed capacity: the current capacity of Gmail is 8 GB, and the service is determined
    • Friendly chat group: In addition to inbox and email inbox, Gmail automatically organizes round-trip emails into a group, it is like an e-mail conversation.
    • Can be used as a network hard drive: Is there no money to rent a network space? Are you afraid of a hard drive? Forgot to bring your own dish to the company? It is suggested that each individual should apply for at least two Gmail accounts: one email receiving and one ephemeral hard drive.
    • Identification of junk emails
  3. You can directly talk to your friends in Gmail to test the information: it is hard to learn! Http:// Id = 485
    • At the same time, you can still chat through WeChat. As long as there is a Google website, you can install a voice (including audio) function program can be used later. How can I install it?
    • Click "Gmail audio and instant messaging", select "instant messaging and instant messaging", and wait for a meeting, after the machine is re-opened, it will be completed.
  4. Gmail & apps
    • Gmail

      • Email Service

      • Webmail, using Ajax technology + unused Large Capacity
    • Renewal point

      • Capacity not exceeding the limit

      • Tagging Function

      • No website warning

      • No spam

      • Main topic groups
    • Additional information

      • Min KANG: Ten reasons why I use Gmail

      • Evilsmile's swing: What are the new features of Gmail?
    • Set your own courier server on Google Apps

  5. Google Application Server version
  6. Examples of Google Apps.
  7. Google Alerts
    • Website: http: //
    • Function: When a Google service meets your search criteria, send an email to notify you of the service.

      • Catch up with all matters of your own interest

      • Target customers/companies/elders/industries/companies... .
  8. Google Calendar
    • Web:
    • Function: the website version can be used to notify you when to do something, or share the day with others!
  9. Google Calendar sync
    • Google Calendar sync allows Google daily and outlook to be updated synchronously!
    • Lower-body license

    Google, outlook, PDA, smart phone

  10. Google notebook
    • Google notebook

      • Google pull cookbook

      • Retrieving and collecting resources when accessing the network
    • Google notebook is an easy-to-use tool for consolidating and collecting information on the Internet, when we see that some web pages have continuous interest and want to stay and wait for them to gradually digest, We can click the [manual copy] on the tool bar and then press "continue, upload him to the Google notebook, and then you can call out another notebook wherever you go (You need to log on to Google Chrome before using it ).
  11. Google pull flood
    • Web:
    • Function: You can access your website whenever you have a network. You no longer have to worry about finding a common website! The new tool column is also embedded with this service, making it easier to access zookeeper!
  12. Docs & spreadsheets
    • Docs & spreadsheets

      • The concept of office on the platform integrates writely with Google Spreadsheets
  13. Blogger
    • Blogger

      • Google free blog service
    • Additional information

      • Blogger beta provides a traditional Chinese interface

      • Blogger Chinese interface failover
    • Test others' blogger

      • The dreamer of the sky
    • You can use your own domain with www. co. CC.
  14. YouTube
    • YouTube

      • Sharing Platform

      • It is favored by Google and collects orders for $16.5 billion

      • Complement each other with
  15. There is a gap between the computing environment and the development environment.
    • Http://

    When creating a program

  16. Google Desktop
    • Google Desktop

      • Google Desktop

      • Search for TV cases, new gadgets, and external programs

      • No longer afraid of where the file is stored.
  17. Google Maps extends the star Navigation System of dtplus
    • Site name Website: Google map site:
  18. Google Maps-find a living resource
    • Google Maps

      • Search by location for your life information-there is no doodle room near zookeeper
  19. Google Picasa album
    • Website: http: //
    • Function: saves 1 GB of ultra-Small advertisements and ultra-fast albums. Large photo albums are attached, and each photo can be uploaded 20 mb.
  20. Picasa repair function
  21. Picasa repair function
  22. Upload a photo CD in step 3
  23. Google Toolbar
    • Google Toolbar

      • The biggest change to the latest Google tool column is that a bunch of Google gadgets can be embedded in the Google Toolbar (estimated to include about 46416 gadgets ), including the multi-country speech translation panel, the new computing plane panel, the computer ..., A bunch of customized gadgets that were previously used on igoogle can be put in !! After these igoogle gadgets are put in, there will be rate calculation, turning over the machine, acting on the machine... Wait. You don't need to activate the Web tracking tool to do things in the future!
  24. Can I search for a single word by Google? Http://
    • Website name example: Google website address: http: // SEARCH Command: "fy", "flip" Example: "fy + "and "flip +" (both Chinese and English can be translated)
    • However, such single-word translation is not completely complete, and sometimes it will not be rolled over, it seems that you can't find your words or your words. You can use the Google dictionary to translate them!
    • Site name Website: Google dictionary site:
  25. Can the Google search engine also "single-bit memory computing 」? Http://
    • Website name: Google website address: http: // SEARCH Command: 「 =? ","-> "," Success ", and" X single-digit =? List B "," x a single bit-> List B ", and" X a single bit into a single bit "(both Chinese and English can be searched)
    • For example, if I want to check the transfer rate between the USD and the platform, I only need to import "1 USD =? Just do it!

    Percent calculation, dollar 1 =? Middleware 」

  26. Google search allows you to search for "Definition 」! Http://
    • Website name Website: Google website address: http: // SEARCH Command: "define:", "what is", and "Definition" Example: "define: + word", "word + What is it", and "word + definition" (both Chinese and English can be searched)
    • Add "define: sold out bamboo" (find the definition and story of "sold out bamboo)
    • You can also enter "define: Ling ailing" (find "character! )
    • Website name Website: Google website address: http: // SEARCH Command: "link: web site 」
    • The previous website may search for resources on your own website, and other websites will be posted on your website!
  27. Can Google search be regarded as "intra-Site Search 」? Http://
    • Many websites like the website search function, which requires us to slowly crawl a version area to find our own articles, at this time, as long as you know the Google search command "site:", you can quickly search for the desired article!
    • Website name Website: Google website: http: // SEARCH Command: "site:" Example: "Website: Website 」
  28. Google groups online forum
    • Website: http: //
    • Function: free trial space, 100 MB trial space, and the mail Notification function can be used when new articles are available. There are few announcements, fast speeds, and the Web tracking function!
  29. Google Reader
    • Website: http: //
    • Function: it is the best tool to parse RSS.
  30. Use Google Trends To analyze website traffic and website traffic 」!
    • Google Trends is a service in Google Labs. It allows users to design, analyze, and compare websites and keywords, you can also check the keyword of a specific website or the visitor's origin statistics.
    • Website name Website: Google Trends website address: http: // (English) http: // Hl = ZH-CN (Simplified Chinese) data analysis: http: //
  31. Comparison between seasonal and seasonal factors
    • What can I do with "? In reality, it is a kind of thing that can make money. But from the perspective of website administrators, the usage of the word "文" is a kind of website behavior. To increase the server rate when the website is being accessed, it must be regarded as an effective topic, it is a commonly used word for operation 」.
    • To check the use of the word, search for the word in the first line of Google Trends and enter the word you want to check, you can check the development of the relevant words. In this example, the keywords are compared. In the search box, click "crack, tutorial", and click "Search trends ], the final result will be displayed. (It can be separated by "half-shaped" and. )
  32. Traffic between different websites
    • However, according to the current situation, most users of the website traffic will choose "Alexa" as the dynamic route table. However, Google Trends may help you analyze other resources, for example, some frequently-seen "Search for irrelevant words" and which website will customers go to next? And the country where most users come from!
    • To publish a website development website, first go to the Google Trends website (here: http: // ), in the search box, enter the website you want to renew (in this example, refer to "591 and e-rent" for this example ), and press [search trends ],
  33. Traffic on home site
  34. Different regions and different regions
  35. Industry Development skills
  36. Industry knowledge training
    • Get industry research resources through the Liberal Arts Forum

      • Https://

      • Join non-member

      • Search for required industrial resources such as "Security Control and Industry"

      • Download the full text of the TV package and learn about the current stage of the industry.
  37. Industry current and current innovations
    • Use the Google key word tool to obtain the key word proposal

      • Https://
    • Through Google's quick response, instant messaging

      • Http:// Hl = ZH-TW
  38. Commodity Name List acquisition
    • Renew the annual production/production special journals/member name
    • World famous industry Industry Exhibition (proposed by two persons and one group)

      • Http:// B/B .asp
    • Obtains the name list of the business representative from the website of the industry representative.

      • Operation imacro use commodity name to check company information

      • Then, with the help of our company, we checked the information provided by our exhibitors

      • The example of a car electronic exhibition shows how imacro can be used.


        • Http:// List_pageno = 8


        • Http:// Comno = 28043579 & showno = 2007gs01003
  39. Tips for using your search, my search, and your search engine this article is based on: Tainan haiguo
  40. Main Topic: Simplified engine http: //
  41. Computation Engine
  42. Actually used search tips
    • It is convenient to use the computation character search engine, but sometimes it is because the computation method is used, when many search results or irrelevant content are found, the answer cannot be obtained.
    • At this time, you must compile your search methods and use some practical search techniques.
  43. Search for multiple keywords and other operators
    • When we use the "+" (and) operator of the "operator" in the "operator" field, indicates that the search results must contain all the content of the relevant words.
    • When the operator does the "-" (not) operator, you can limit that the keyword cannot appear in the search results.
    • The operator used to calculate the computing duration of each related word period can usually improve the correctness of the search results, these operators can also be used at the same time.
  44. Use the complete keywords to query keywords (1 ).
    • In order to improve the correctness of the search, the keyword is usually split into smaller keywords, and the "intersection" method is used to search for keywords. See the following example:

    The keywords in the website are scattered across different addresses, as shown in the highlighted fonts.

  45. Use the complete keywords to query keywords (2)
    • Add "" to the text before turning it on, and enclose it as a "slice" type, the search results show only the complete content of the relevant words. See the following example:

    When you search for keywords in the form of slice, only the webpages containing the complete slice will be listed.

  46. Special Google search tips
    • At present, the search engine on the Internet does not support a variety of features, and Google brain uses its fast and accurate search performance to gain a dominant position in the search engine field.
    • We use the Google search engine as an example to introduce their special search skills and application.
  47. Specify the search criteria or content
    • In Google, you can use the "intitle" command to search for websites with specified network titles.
    • If you only want to search for the website content that conforms to the relevant words and does not contain the website standards and links, you can use the "intext" indexing method.
  48. "Intitle" ":" "shows the search results of the website index.
  49. Intext "": "" "shows the search results without the Web subject and links
  50. Search for the specified domain and case format
    • You can use the site command to search for all related resources in the specified domain.
    • You can use the filetype command to quickly search for the desired formats. The supported formats include doc, PPT, PS, RTF, SwF, txt, and XLS.
  51. "" "Space" Site ":" "" displays search results
  52. Filetype ":" case format "" space "" "shows the search results for PDF keywords
  53. Search for configuration items
    • In addition to allowing users to search for images using the operator "+" and "-" in the incoming bits, the Google website allows users to search for images.
    • You can also click "Search for progress" on the first page to select a condition when the user configures the search.
  54. Search for details
  55. Limit Method
    • Generally

      • 「 文」

      • For example
    • And

      • "Word 1" and "Word 2 」

      • For example, Zookeeper is a service provider.
    • Or

      • "Word 1" or "Word 2 」

      • For example, the number of digital accounts or electronic accounts is too large or too small.
    • Not

      • "Word 1"-"Word 2 」

      • For example, Zookeeper-Alibaba Cloud Server
  56. Cont .)
    • Complete film Layout

      • 「 文“ 」

      • For example, "Data Sources"
    • The reserved comment operator ignores the word.

      • + "文」

      • Example: This + is + a book
    • Search for a specific website

      • 「 Website: website domain name 」

      • Example: Archaeological question site:
  57. Cont .)
    • Search for specific case formats

      • 「 Filetype: the keyword in case format 」

      • For example, filetype: PDF "Digital Library"
    • Search for only the target website

      • 「 Intitle: 文」

      • Example: intitle
    • Check website

      • 「 Related: website 」

      • Example: related:
    • Query connected websites

      • 「 Link: website 」

      • Example: Link:
  58. Other functions
    • Definition of Famous Words

      • 「 Define: famous words 」

      • Example: Define: "Digital Library"
    • Good luck

      • Words of relevance 」

      • Automatically takes you directly to the first website pushed by Google
    • Telephone Query

      • 「 Telephone hotline 」

      • Example: 089-318855
    • Data computing

      • 「 Data computing formula 」

      • Example: 5 + 100*3/6
  59. Other functions (cont .)
    • Single-bit round Calculation

      • 「 Single bit 1 」 =? 「 Single bit 2 」

      • Example: 25 degrees Fahrenheit =? Degrees Fahrenheit
    • Chinese and English dictionaries

      • 「 FY Chinese 」

      • Example: FY Pear
    • Pinyin alphabet

      • 「 Pinyin 」

      • Example: Wan Luo Xing Wen
    • Correct other words

      • For example, "Internet" and "Internet 」
  60. Search Engines
    • Generally, the search engine optimization aims to make the website stand on the search engine, the search results of some important keywords have better rankings, so that users can easily access the website content.
    • Various analyses and plans are made from many aspects such as the website architecture, website architecture, content, and text, so that the search engine can easily search websites or websites.
  61. Comment
    • The word-related advertisement is a new online shopping model proposed by the Search Engine. enterprises can choose "word-related" (that is, enterprise products or services ), introduce the network of enterprise products, and find the region where the search result is the first region.
    • Google + Yahoo + AOL + MSN can include more than 94% of the search engines in the world
    • Top 14 search engines supported: Yahoo! Chimo, sweet potato vine, chinetcenter email-hinet, online home-pchome, Sina, Google, website, and, apsara stack, MSN, Datong Network, social media, seednet, Yushi
  62. Platform search engine market share rate
  63. The market share of the search engine is http: // /? P = 6324
  64. Micro-engine's new search engine
  65. Micro Engine new search engine
  66. Everystockphoto-the search engine used to search for high-quality photos! Http: //
  67. Facesaerch man engine
  68. Thank you !!

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