Play Openresty resty-cli module on CentOS 6.9 x86_64

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RESTY-CLI is a collection of command-line tools in Openresty, where resty tools are most useful.

After installing the Openresty, the RESTY-CLI will be installed by default, as an example of my installation, see the blog post

It's located under the/opt/openresty/bin.



Configuring environment Variables


Add the end to the directory/opt/openresty/bin

Export Path=/opt/openresty/nginx/sbin:/opt/openresty/bin: $PATH

Save exit, and then run the following command to take effect


Perform the following command check

Echo $PATH

Installing dependent Libraries

Yum-y Install Perl-time-hires

Reasons See blog post

We can then view the path and version number of the Resty



Business requirements

Often we validate scripts in Nginx_lua, or debug LUA-related snippets, or understand the use of functions such as NGX.MD5, only by joining the configuration in nginx.conf to play on the nginx frame.
But it would be inconvenient if we had a command-line tool like Lua, Luajit, Python, and so on to do it just fine. So the resty here is the tool you want.
Test examples

Here are a few examples from the RESTY-CLI module's official website.

Resty-e ' Print ("Hello World") '

Time Resty-e ' Ngx.sleep (3) print ("done\n") '

Resty-e ' Ngx.say (ngx.md5 ("Hello")) '

Resty-e ' Io.stderr:write ("Hello world\n") ' >/dev/null

More in-depth examples and advanced gameplay to continue digging

Resty-e ' Print ("Got:", Io.stdin:read ("*l")) '

Where taoyunxing is what I entered from the keyboard.

Time Resty-e ' local ths = {}

For i = 1, 3 does
Ths[i] = Ngx.thread.spawn (function ()
Ngx.sleep (3) Ngx.say ("Done", I)
For i = 1, #ths do ngx.thread.wait (Ths[i]) end '

Resty--shdict= ' Dogs 1m '-e ' local dict = ngx.shared.dogs
                               dict:set ("Tom", "page")
                               print (Dict:get ("Tom")) '

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