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Many times when we download away from the file, after the download is completed, we often have to log on to the offline download space again, delete it, very troublesome. Now with the latest version of the Thunderbolt 7, as long as the selection of 2 options can solve the problem.

One, automatically delete clouds the same task

First download the latest version of the Thunderbolt 7 (version must not be less than, after the login thunderbolt, select the "Tools" → "Configuration" command, in the Open window, click on the left the bottom of the "member function Settings" tab, and then in the right window select the "Delete is downloading tasks, automatically delete the same task in the cloud" and delete the same tasks on the cloud automatically when the local tasks download is complete check box (Figure 1).

In this way, we in the Thunderbolt download offline resources, if you do not want to download, directly delete this task, the offline space on the corresponding content has been deleted. If the task has been downloaded, the corresponding content on the offline space will be deleted automatically, reducing our management cost, very convenient.

Figure 1 Automatically delete the same task in the cloud

Small Tips

If it is BT resources, then use this option, BT resources in some files after downloading, the corresponding offline space will also be vacated, very intelligent.

Second, comprehensive, profound understanding of offline download

Offline downloads, also called offline downloads, are another option in the era of network high-definition. As we all know, with the development of computer and communication technology, the increase of bandwidth, the low storage price of hard disk provide the possibility for the network to save the file, and make the content of the net become bigger and larger now. In particular, film and television content, small 500mb-600mb, large high-definition film The whole small also have about 4GB, the big is up to 15GB-20GB.

Many computer users have to buy larger hard drives, while allowing computers to years "overtime" downloads. This not only causes the electric energy waste, the electromagnetic pollution, more own health has brought the very big influence. As a result, offline downloads have become an alternative to the era of network high-definition.

At the same time, because the network situation is different, and sometimes found that the download resources are slow, under a long time can not download. Sometimes will encounter will not download the girls, BT, mule and other terminology confused, then offline download can help her to download good, direct retrieve.

In addition, there are many companies that are prohibited from downloading, this makes us less use the company bandwidth to download movies or resources of fun, and thus have to use slow as a snail agent to network management, the boss "wits", not good will be "caught" and affect their future. More importantly, using offline downloads is tantamount to asking for a part-time secretary who is not paid to help us download, and our computer can continue chatting or online games without any impact.

Third, the open members use offline download

To use offline downloads, you must be a member of the Thunderbolt. Here are two ways to help you upgrade to a member: 1. If there is a Thunder account: Open the browser (using IE or IE kernel browser), and then click here, and then enter the Reyou account number and password, follow the wizard to upgrade to membership.

The member opens the payment channel to be many, moreover is very safe, buys the member service more, may also have the more preferential treatment (Figure 2); 2. If there is no Reyou account number, you can click here to register Reyou, then you can use the method to upgrade to membership.

Figure 2

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