Please put on your earphones to increase the volume and listen to these songs. The world is yours !!!!!

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Please put on your earphones to increase the volume and listen to these songs. The world is yours !!!!!
These songs are warm and have no metallic flavor. They are suitable for sunny afternoons and are leisurely...
[Anaesthesia] Maximilian Hecker strongly recommends
[Summer days in bloom] Maximilian Hecker!
[End of May] Keren Ann
[Gotta have you] The Weepies is very special. I used it for background music.
[I remember] I like to hear this song before going to bed.
[Let's start from here] Wang ruolin
[Never grow old] The Cranberries
[Tommai Mai rub SAK tee] Lydia (Thai) listens to the voice of this Thai girl.
[Disguise] Lin Marlin
[When you say nothing at all] Ronan Keating has a friend on campus who also recommends it.
[Valder fields] Tamas Wells is very soft.
[Don't Know Why] Norah Joness is very lazy and comfortable .. Perfect for the romantic atmosphere of the bar ..
[Seven years] Norah Jones thinks her voice is as comfortable as the sun shines on her body.
[The Story] Sir Norah Jones. Movie blueberry night.

(2) A very high drum, a very high rhythm, and a very high voice .. (Dance. DJ. Hip-Hop. Metal ...)

[Good Foot] Justin Timberlake & Timbaland it's not their first cooperation!
[Always come back to your love] Samantha Mumba started listening a long time ago.
[Ba yonga Wamba] banaroo is very special. You can sing it together several times.
[Bottle Pop] The Pussycat Dolls I like
[Takin 'all over the world] The Pussycat Dolls
[Whatcha think about that] the Pussycat Dolls
[When I grow up] The Pussycat Dolls
Buckle up n chuggeluck.
[Chain hang low] jibbs is a little brisk...
[Disturbia] Rihanna dadada ~~~
[En dag tilbage] Nik & Jay Denmark
[Say it right] Nelly Furtado her voice is very fine, nice to hear ..
[The magic key] One-T + cool-T
[I hate myself for loving you] Joan Jett is too high ~
[I Miss You] basshunter
[Just Dance]
[Lonely] I don't need to introduce it anymore.
[Upside down] Many people dance with this song.
[Oops Jaime pas langlais]
[Peerless] Darin zanyar
[Remember the name] Fort minor
[Numb] Linkin Park really likes this band
[In stereo] Fort minor, I like that heavy knock.
[Where 'd you go] Fort minor starts with female voice and takes us into the dark Bastion
[What I 've done] Linkin Park believes this song is no stranger to people who like Lincoln Park.
[Believe Me] It is recommended that fort minor vomit blood !!!!!!
[My December] Linkin Park is not in the same style ~ It is my blog background music.
[Till I collapse] Sometimes it is difficult to listen to this article .. It's so exciting.
[Saturday night] Darin electronic music is nice and dynamic
[Me against the music] Anyone who watches X-Man in Britney's knows this song.
Do something
[Beautiful liar] Beyonce and Shakira
[My First Ride] Aaron Carter
[Fighter] Christina Aguilera NBA Playoffs theme song
[I hate myself for loving you] Joan Jett's voice is too high.
[Come into my world] Kylie Minogue
[Beautiful ones] Suede is very happy after I finish this song .. Haha ..
[Get It Out me] Janet Jackson feels like branny toxic. RAP is like Sun Yanzi's cool
[Cry me a river] Justin Timberlake liked the rain at the beginning.
[SexyBack] Justin Timberlake is the style of Justin.
[What dreams are made of] Hilary Duff, her name is hurareda, and her voice is exquisite.
[Beat of my heart] Hilary Duff
[Come clean] Nice to hear about Hilary Duff.
[Wake Up] Hilary Duff DJ ~
These songs have a brisk pace, and most of them are in a good mood ~~~~ Try it ~
[The Saltwater Room] Some people in Owl City say that this song has the feeling of summer, and it is refreshing and pushing!
[Do you know] The Song Enrique Iglesias (the ping pong son) has the sound of table tennis!
[Touch my body] Mariah Carey Maria Kelly, a god-like woman ..
[I'm yours] Jason Mraz; I'm yours, yours ..
[Solo] Kate havnevik must listen, and the pace is not very fast.
[My lucky day] ene Marlin 'everything will be OK '...... Because I like this song.
[Unforgivable Sinner] the song of the liaoda bathhouse. O (distinct _ distinct) O...
[Sitting down here] Lin Marlin
[Whatever it takes] Lin Marlin
[7 days] Craig David, this is what Pan monkey introduced me ....
[Beautiful Girls] Sean Kingston also has a karaoke version, but he still prefers this version ..
[Force of nature] Lenka
[Whatcha think about that] the 1900 s
[Lose you] Linda sundbglad
[Mary Jane shoes] Fergie Fiji is easy to adjust. The last part will surprise you ~ Haha ~
[Don't believe in love] Dido diduo has a special song and a special rhythm.
[Here with me] Dido is a music style that shows her unique voice and personality.
[Life for rent] Dido is really nice. I believe many people have heard of it .. Tido.
[So yesterday] Hilary Duff listened to this song last year and found out again. Nice to hear ~
[To all the girls] Aaron Carter's name was wrong before. Some netizens reminded me, thank you ~
[Sealed with a kiss Brian Hylan] country music
[Someone's watching over me] Hilary Duff, which she sang in the movie "Flying Songs. Inspirational ~
[It's amazing] Jem
[I'm gonna getcha good] Shania Twain
[Love is color-blind] Sarah Connor some netizens said they didn't recommend her before ~ Her songs are slow, not in this category.
[Here with me] the style of Michelle Branch is General rock ~ But not bad ~~
[Never be the same again] meleni C
[Nothing in the world] Atomic Kitten
[Put your arms around me] Natasha bedingfield her voice is characteristic
[The game of love] Santana
[Too little too late] Jojo was introduced by some experts ~ Nice ~~ MDO ~
[Who's gonna love you] The Pussycat Dolls
[Free loop] This is the title of Daniel Powter when watching TV series and variety shows ~



I often suffer from insomnia, so I will listen to these pure music before going to bed ~ Not many ~ Banderui and Richard are common ~ I will not talk too much about it ~
[Kannong] I don't need to introduce the piano.
[Song of qianxun] theme song from the Japanese seat show animation 'invisible girly'
[Hatsukoi] jiushi
[Heaven on Earth] Piano
[Mother] Jiu shi let
[Season] violin and piano
Tears piano
[The changing seasons] Piano
[Turning] banderui
[Viva la vida]
[With an orchid] Yanni
[Yiyu] This is a classical language ~
[Summer of chrysanthemum] Jiu shi
[Kite and wind] (Piano Edition)
River flows in you
[If I cocould See You Again] Li leyun
[On the way] Li yuyun
[Kiss the rain]
[City of the Sky] (violin, piano, audio box, and guitar)
[Down by the Sally gardens] Anya and many others have sang .. There are also pure music ~
[The Dawn World of Warcraft ending song] This song is not suitable for bedtime...
[He s a pirate] Pirates of the Caribbean are not suitable for bedtime. But I can't help but think of dipe and his bearded man ~

This is a favorite style R & B ~ Slow shake ~ Sir ~ Rap ~~ Hip hop ~
[Lubov] rosstallanma (Russian slow shake). I have introduced this song to many people.
[Buttons] Pussycat Dolls the song that monkey Pan gave me.
[4 minutes] Madonna & Timbaland Justin are my favorites, especially Justin.
[Magic] Justin Hahaha .. There is a ha called Li Zhu ~ Note that ~~~
[Don't cha] Pussycat Dolls is their earliest song. Can be said to be the first ~
[Out of this club] Pussycat Dolls, which was previously heard in P4 ~ Stolen ~
[We went as far as we felt like going] the pace of Pussycat Dolls is very tight ~ (* ^__ ^ *)......
[Beep] Pussycat Dolls I like these six women too much. I recommend more ~
[Hot stuff] Pussycat Dolls is average, but their voice is really sexy ~
[Sway] Pussycat Dolls very early ~ Everyone has heard of it ~~
[Wait a minute] Pussycat Dolls & Timbaland I am lucky to find such a good song ~ Like a first ~
[Hung up] Madonna must have heard of Madonna .....
[Promiscuous] I like both Nelly Furtado and Timbaland ..
[Say it right] Nelly Furtado
[Sway] Michael Buble is different from the one recommended above ~ Suitable for lunba ~
[Negative things] recommended audius for vomiting blood
[Holandback girl] Gwen Stefani feels a bit like ~
[Wind it up] How did Gwen Stefani become so familiar? There is a tone for voice of music...
[In the morning] Gwen Stefani, her voice is not that heavy, but this song is good.
[Mad, sexy, cool] recommended by Babyface
[Run the show] Kat deluna & Busta rhym female voice is very high ~~
[Unstoppable] Kat deluna I like this one ~~~~~ Hey hey ~
[Whine up] Kat deluna & Elephant Man Haha ..... No ~~
[Feel what I feel] Kat deluna is the most nice .. Especially the prelude ~~~
[Tattoo] The Song of jordin sparks has a pleasant feeling. Abandon everything ..
Cheater's dilemma: Kay B, a refreshing R & B ~
[I remember] keyshia Cole
[Shy boy] jordin sparks may be the least heavy this season ~ But the music is great!
[Red blooded woman] Kylie Minogue
[Yesterday] Many people recommended this person before Leona Lewis ~ Actually, I didn't drop her down ~
[Whatever it takes] Leona Lewis
[Better in time] Leona Lewis
[I Miss You] DARREN HAYES seems to have made a mistake before ~ Try again ~ It feels good ~
[Creepin 'up on you] Darren Hayes wants to write it in this season ~
[Insatiable] Darren Hayes has recommended his songs before ~
[U make me wanna] Blue xiaoyaxuan also sings ~ I heard it for the first time on the radio station many years ago ~
[Time after time] Jessica mauboy is not the one in Conan .....
[Dilemma ft Kelly Rowland] Nelly has a nice rap ~~~
[Back at one] Brian McKnight's long-time song ~ But it's worth listening. Keep listening ....
[Take a bow] Rihanna will make you happy ~
[SOS] Rihanna
[Suerte] Shakira Spanish ~ Nice ~~ And the English version ~~
[Dragostea din Tei] Not afraid of fear ~ But I did not find the language of the country ~ Various online descriptions ~
[Jenny from the block] Jennifer Lopez
[Crash] Gwen Stefani is very high ~ You can see the name ~
[Love in this club] Usher
[All Fall Down] Anastacia. You can tune up the volume and listen to it ~~~
[Defeated] Anastacia is slower than the previous one ~
[I can feel you] Anastacia has a heavy electronic taste ~
[Naughty] Anastacia is the highest ......
[Same song] Sir Anastacia flavor ~~~
[Stay with me] danity Kane
[Love in December] club 8
[Beautiful Soul] Jesse McCartney
[Liar] girlicious I like this combination very much ~ Listen ~
[Like Me] girlicious is very popular ~ Like!
[My Boo] girlicious is easy to tune. Features ~~~
[Stupid shit] girlicious
[They don't care about us] Michael Jackson maybe we should not forget this person ....
[Used to love her] Jay Sean
[UN 'emergenza d' amore] Laura pausini is very good at Italian ..

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