PL/SQL Developer Usage Tips Summary

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1, PL /SQL Developer Remember login password

when using PL/SQL developer, you want PL/ SQL Developer to remember the username and password to log in to Oracle for your convenience;

Setup method: PL /SQL Developer 7.1.2->tools->preferences->oracle->logon history, " Store History "is checked by default, check the" store with password ", re-login in the input password once remember.

2. Automatically capitalize the keyword

Setting Method: >tools->preferences-->user Interface-->editor-->keyword case selected as uppercase
3. Query results Copy to Excel
execute the SELECT statement in SQL window and, after the result, right-click on the data area below and select Copy to Excel, and you can copy the data area's record to Excel. But there are two points to note: One, field can not start with =, or Excel will be mistaken for function, second, the number should not exceed 17 bits, otherwise the number of digits will be set to 0, but can be by the number in front of ' to make Excel think that field is text, At the same time for the Numbe type of field in the database, it is best to use to_char output, otherwise it may show abnormal
4, automatic completion
Setting Method: >tools->preferences-->user interface-->editor , right interface, Autoreplace,edit button, can be written in the inside such as:
S=select * from
save it.

5. Execute a single SQL statement

When using the SQL window of PL developer, press the F8 key, PL/SQL Developer default is all the SQL statements that execute the window and need to be set to the SQL statement where the mouse is located, executing the current SQL statement;

Setup method: PL /SQL Developer 7.1.2-->tools->preferences-->window types, check "AutoSelect Statement".

6. Formatting SQL statements

when using PL/SQL developer , sometimes the SQL statements entered are too long or too messy to be used in a more general format. This will look good, or analysis;

To use: Select the SQL statement that you want to format, and then click the PL/SQL Beautifier button on the toolbar.

7. View Execution Plan

when using the SQL window of PL/developer, sometimes the efficiency of the SQL statement is executed, and the table structure is analyzed, how to improve the efficiency of the query. , you can view the execution plan provided by Oracle;

To use: Select the SQL statement you want to analyze, and then click the Explain plan button on the toolbar (that is, execution plan), or press F5 directly.

8. Debugging Stored Procedures

When using PL /SQL developer to operate Oracle, some stored procedures are sometimes called, or stored procedures are debugged;

Method of calling the stored procedure: first, select procedures in the browser to the left of PL/SQL developer to find the stored procedure that needs to be called; then, check the debug stored procedure, right click, select Test, the test Scrīpt window, for a parameter defined in type, you need to enter a value for the parameter's value; Last click the number of bars button above: Start debugger or press F9; Last click: RUN or Ctrl+r

PL/SQL Developer Usage Tips Summary

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