Poj 3740 easy finding (dancing links)

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Easy finding
Time limit:1000 ms   Memory limit:65536 K
Total submissions:15668   Accepted:4163


GivenM×NMatrixA.AIJ ε {0, 1} (0 ≤ I <m, 0 ≤ j <n), cocould you find some rows that let every cloumn contains and only contains 1.


There are multiple cases endedEOF. Test Case up to 500.the first line of input isM,N(M≤ 16,N≤ 300). The nextMLines every line containsNIntegers separated by space.


For each test case, if you cocould find it output "Yes, I found it", otherwise output "It is impossible" per line.

Sample Input

3 30 1 00 0 11 0 04 40 0 0 11 0 0 01 1 0 10 1 0 0

Sample output

Yes, I found itIt is impossible


Poj monthly contest-2009.08.23, masterluo


Give you a matrix of N * m (n <= 16, m <= 300. Each element of the matrix can only be 0 or 1. Now, I ask if you can select some columns from the matrix so that none of the columns has only one.


Start to tease. Consider that there are only 16 questions in each row. It's fun to watch 16. This is a typical pressure. Compress each line into a binary number with a length of 16. Then the feasibility is determined. After finishing the RE. This also applies. M and n are all wrong. Because there are too many values in each line, you cannot press it. Rogue. Only Baidu. I learned that it was dancing links, So Baidu's data. Link One.

For details, see the code:

# Include <iostream> # include <stdio. h> using namespace STD; const int INF = 0x3f3f3f3f; const int maxn = 6010; int U [maxn], d [maxn], L [maxn], R [maxn], c [maxn]; // the pointer between top, bottom, and left. Column corresponding to node I in C [I. Int s [310], H [310]; // s [I] indicates the number of column 1. H [I] is the tail pointer of line I. Int n, m, CNT; void Init () {int I; for (I = 1; I <= N; I ++) H [I] =-1; for (I = 0; I <= m; I ++) {s [I] = 0; L [I + 1] = I; R [I] = I + 1; U [I] = d [I] = I;} R [m] = 0; CNT = m + 1 ;} void insert (int r, int c) {// create a chain table U [CNT] = c, d [CNT] = d [c]; // determine the upper and lower pointer information of the newly added node u [d [c] = CNT, d [c] = CNT; // restore the linked list information if (H [R] =-1) // determine the Left and Right pointer information H [R] = L [CNT] = R [CNT] = CNT; // Add the header else {L [CNT] = H [R], R [CNT] = R [H [R]; // header Insertion Method L [R [H [R] = CNT, R [H [R] = CNT;} s [c] ++; // update the Additional Information C [CNT ++] = C;} void remov E (INT c) // remove column C. {Int I, j; R [L [c] = R [c], L [R [c] = L [c]; for (I = d [c]; I! = C; I = d [I]) for (j = R [I]; J! = I; j = R [J]) d [U [J] = d [J], U [d [J] = U [J], s [C [J] --;} void resume (INT c) // restore the C column. {Int I, j; R [L [c] = L [R [c] = C; for (I = d [c]; I! = C; I = d [I]) for (j = R [I]; J! = I; j = R [J]) d [U [J] = U [d [J] = J, s [C [J] ++ ;} bool DFS () {If (R [0] = 0) return true; int I, j, C, miv = inf; for (I = R [0]; I; I = R [I]) if (s [I] <miv) miv = s [I], c = I; remove (C ); // process column C for (I = d [c]; I! = C; I = d [I]) {for (j = R [I]; J! = I; j = R [J]) Remove (C [J]); If (DFS () return true; For (j = L [I]; J! = I; j = L [J]) Resume (C [J]);} resume (c); Return false;} int main () {int op, I, J; while (~ Scanf ("% d", & N, & M) {Init (); for (I = 1; I <= N; I ++) for (j = 1; j <= m; j ++) {scanf ("% d", & OP); If (OP) insert (I, j );} if (DFS () printf ("Yes, I found it \ n"); else printf ("It is impossible \ n");} return 0 ;}

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