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first, Polar Route 3 installation

The Pole Route 3 installation is no different from a normal router. If you are a dial-up user with a cat, plug the External network cable into the cat port, use a network cable, connect the other end of the cat to the 3 Wan port, and the other 2 polar Route 3 LAN ports are used to connect to the computer, as shown in the following illustration.

For light Internet users or users who do not have a cat, the broadband cable is plugged into the WAN port of the polar Route 3, and the LAN port is used to connect the computer. Finally, do not forget that the polar Route 3 is also to connect the power adapter, and plug the power supply.

 Two, Pole Route 3 Setup Tutorial

1, after the installation of the router, the first use needs to set up the Internet, as a smart router, the Pole route 3 settings is very simple. First in the computer to open the browse, and then enter: hiwifi.com or can access the Polar Route 3 settings background, the initial login needs to enter the password, this password is admin by default, as shown in the following figure.

Ps. Access to the Polar Route 3 settings, you can in the account settings, click on the upper right corner of the "Modify password" to modify, generally recommended to change the default login password, so as to prevent the routing by others tampering.

2, the Polar Route 3 settings interface and the previous generation of the route is not different, the overall interface is still visible can be simple style, the left includes routing storage, System state, advanced settings and mobile phone control options, the middle contains the pole route 3 each port introduction. For those who first set the Polar Route 3, click the Setup Wizard in the upper-right corner, as shown in the following illustration.

Setup Wizard

3, into the Setup wizard, the extreme Route 3 will automatically check your Internet way, the general home is ADSL dial-up Internet, here with the common wireless router set the same, directly fill in the broadband account and password, completed click Next.

4, after the next set up, is WiFi wireless settings, where the need to set WiFi password, in addition to the WiFi network name you can be free to modify, as for the security type, we recommend that you choose WPA2, finished click "Save" can be, as shown in the following figure.

Wireless WiFi network Settings

After the above settings are complete, the 3 basic settings are complete, so that our computer can successfully access the Internet, wireless devices can also connect WiFi wireless network. In addition, the extreme Route 3 background can be very convenient to see the current connected router's Internet settings, and can control the connection device speed and forced disconnect, can be very good to prevent the network, as shown in the following figure.

It is worth mentioning that the polar route 3 contains 2.4g/5g Wi-Fi can be set independently, so there are two wireless signals found in the wireless network, as shown in the following figure.

In addition, as a smart router, 3 also support mobile phone app management, in the app, not only can remote control routing and networking equipment, but also manage the cloud plug-in, its function and PC version of the background, so the use of mobile phones can also be very convenient control of the router, as shown in the following figure.

Mobile App Interface

Polar Route 3 Setup tutorial for you to introduce here, as a smart router, it also has a strong scalability and advanced functionality, expansion support USB and TF card storage expansion, advanced features including intelligent speed limit, VPN, install Third-party plug-ins and so on, interested friends can be specific to see.

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