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Wireless networks have become the preferred network access solution for families and small and medium-sized enterprises, and some problems have emerged. Due to the large area of some houses, the structure of the residential buildings is changeable, and there are many obstacles, the signal attenuation of the wireless network is great, resulting in incomplete wireless coverage, weak wireless signal strength and low wireless speed in some areas, there are even wireless blind spots and other situations, which cannot meet the user experience requirements of consumers for wireless networks. The following describes the general practical methods to improve the coverage of wireless networks.

1When no device is added, adjust the placement position and antenna angle of the wireless router.

(1) generally, a wireless router uses an omnidirectional antenna, and the signal strength of the wireless network in all directions is basically the same. Therefore, the wireless router should be placed at the center of the wireless coverage area as much as possible.

(2) because the obstacle greatly degrades the wireless network signal, it is necessary to avoid the obstacle in the coverage environment as much as possible, by placing a wireless route in a high position, the signal attenuation of the wireless network can be reduced.

(3) adjust the angle of the antenna. Although the effect is not obvious, it can change the area covered by the antenna and try multiple times, if yes, the coverage of the wireless network can be improved to a certain extent.

2, UseHyFiSmart products form distributed wireless networks (the best solution ).



As shown in the figure above, HyFi wireless coverage solution for a large area of residential buildings is provided. Because the housing area is large, a single wireless router cannot achieve comprehensive wireless coverage. In this case, HyFi smart product is recommended to form a wireless distributed network. In the broadband access area using the TL-H18R in the HyFi package as the access router to achieve shared internet, other rooms installed in the HyFi package of TL-H18E to complete the power line network with the TL-18R, and provide wireless network coverage area.

3Multiple wireless devices form a wireless distributed network (more economical solution ).

If there is already a wireless router in the environment, you can use two or more wireless routers for wireless networking to solve the wireless blind spots in some areas. The advantage is that it is cost-effective and can be used by existing devices. The disadvantage is that it is relatively complicated to set up. In addition, due to the competition mechanism of Wireless, the stability of WDS wireless networks is slightly lower, however, it is not a problem to meet the requirements of common household applications.

(1) WDS, a single-frequency GHz wireless product, builds a wireless distributed network, as shown in the following figure.
The dual-band wireless product builds a wireless distributed network, as shown in the following figure.

Broadband is connected to the primary wireless router, and WDS is used in other regions to form a wireless distributed network,

(2) 2.4GHz and 5 GHz

5 GHz wireless networks form a WDS wireless distributed network and provide wireless coverage at the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

There is another possibility for your reference.

First, check whether you have a wireless router. If it's a network, you don't need to say anything. If it is your own wireless route, you can adjust the location of the wireless router. The main factor that affects wireless signals is the obstacle. The placement of routers is very important. Every time a wireless signal passes through a wall, it is much weaker, so the location is very important, if they can be placed in the room, they will be placed in the room. If they are connected to the Internet in two rooms, they may be placed at the door of a room. After all, passing through the wood door is much less than fading through the wall signal.

The strength of the wireless signal has nothing to do with the number of M. The signal strength depends on the transmit and receive power of the wireless route or wireless AP, and whether the device you use to receive the wireless signal matches the parameter items of the wireless route, for example, you have bought an 802.11n wireless route, and the wireless network card of your laptop is a parameter such as 802.11a/B/g, so the maximum transmission efficiency of the wireless route cannot be realized, therefore, the parameters of the transmitter must be consistent with those of the acceptor to maximize the efficacy of the device. In addition, an antenna with a matching gain can be replaced for enhanced signal transmission in the household wireless routing. Generally, the antennas of non-professional devices are below 5 dB, you can change to a 7-9 dB gain antenna to slightly increase the wireless transmission distance and penetration. If you have high requirements for wireless transmission or have a long distance between buildings, we recommend that you use professional equipment and wireless AP.

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