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VoIP is a blockbuster in the communication market. Why? Because the price of VoIP is very low, it is very convenient to use, because this network-based technology is very expensive and has many advantages. Do you want to know more about VoIP phones? Go to the following link.

Since its first launch in 1995, VoIP has become the world's most widely used telephone product. At present, the number of VoIP users is about 5 million, industry observers said, the number will increase 5 times in the next two years.

The VoIP technology that transfers telephone over the Internet is also one of the world's most economical. Despite some severe limitations, many VoIP services cost only $20 a month.

To find out what VoIP is, you must understand the following issues.

What is VoIP?

VoIP refers to voice transmission over a network that uses the Internet Protocol. The IP address represents the Internet Protocol and is the hub of the Internet. The Internet protocol can send emails, instant messages and web pages are transmitted to thousands of PCs or mobile phones.

VoIP is relatively inexpensive. Why?

VoIP is just an application on the Internet. The network phone number is not controlled. Therefore, in essence, VoIP phones are no different from emails, instant messages, or web pages. They can all be transmitted between machines connected to the Internet. These machines can be computers or wireless devices, such as mobile phones or handheld devices.

Why do some VoIP services charge fees and some services are free of charge?

The VoIP service can not only communicate with VoIP users, but also communicate with telephone users, such as users who use traditional fixed-line networks and wireless mobile phone networks. For this part of calls, the VoIP service provider must pay the call fee to the fixed-line network operator and the wireless communication operator. This part of the fee will be transferred to the VoIP user. Calls between VoIP users on the Internet can be free of charge.

What do you need to do when using VoIP?

First, you need an Internet connection. This can be the most basic dial-up Internet service or an ideal broadband service. The faster your network connection speed, the better the quality of VoIP calls. For example, high-speed broadband connections allow you to make a phone call while surfing the Internet.

You also need VoIP software. You can choose to install a VoIP software on a desktop or laptop. Then, the computer can make online calls.

If you want to convert your home phone to a VoIP dialing system, you need help from the adapter. VoIP software can be independently pre-installed on a hardware device named "analog Phone adapter" analog telephone adapter). The analog phone adapter is mainly installed between a home phone and a broadband modem.

The cost of these adapters has been reduced a lot, and the prices of many products are already below $100. In most cases, they are offered to users who buy VoIP services.

Who is selling VoIP?

Various VoIP sales organizations are available. For example, cable TV carriers generally use the VoI service as part of a three-in-one service package. The other two services are voice videos and their high-speed Internet services. These operators generally boast that their VoIP services are the best, because VoIP calls are completed on their own private network. However, this guarantee is not always true. If you need to make VoIP calls to users who are not on a cable TV broadband network, it would be less ideal.

In addition, communication companies such as Vodafone that do not have their own networks also provide VoIP services. These companies' VoIP phones rely on ordinary Internet networks. This means that VoIP phones are beyond the control of operators and may be affected by network congestion and security issues.

More and more companies are using VoIP software and related charging services to provide network telephones for users, such as the communication services from network telephones to fixed telephones, the most famous company is Luxembourg's Skype. Currently, there are a large number of Skype users. Generally, about 3 million people call the Skype service every day.

What is the cost for connecting a PC to a traditional phone?

Generally, it is less than 2 cents per minute. For example, the cost for connecting a Skype PC to a traditional phone is about 1.7 cents per minute.

What will happen if there is a power outage?

If there is a power outage, the traditional phone will continue to run, but your VoIP will be unavailable. Because your modem needs power to work. The traditional telephone system can provide power for your phone separately, but the broadband network does not.

If you call an emergency call like 911 by using a VoIP Phone, will the call be successful?

Generally, a call like 911 cannot be called through the VoIP service. However, VoIP carriers in the United States are required to provide such functions within a certain period of time. At present, there are still a few months left. Most VoIP providers suggest users put their mobile phones around for urgent calls.

What are the charges for VoIP?

In the United States, the cost of a monthly-subscribed PC-to-North America VoIP service for any phone is about $25. Some carriers charge less than $15 a month, but the number of these carriers is small. Overseas long-distance VoIP calls are charged between 2 to 15 cents per minute depending on the country of call.

Regarding user services, can VoIP users enjoy the same legal protection as traditional telephone users?

Most VoIP operators do not provide any protection. The quality of Internet telephone services lags behind that of traditional telephone services.

What is the security of VoIP phones?

Currently, there are few examples of VoIP attacks. However, the encryption of VoIP phones by Skype and VoicePulse has aroused concerns. Currently, most VoIP phone systems are installed in enterprises, and the encryption technology of VoIP phones also uses general technologies.

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