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Sublimetext is a very sophisticated text editor for writing code, taking notes, and writing articles. Its user interface is neat, the features are extraordinary, the performance is surprisingly fast. These great features include any jump (Goto anything), multiple selection (multiple selections), Command Panel (command Palette), intrusion-free mode (distraction Partition editor (split editing), quick Project switch (instant project switch), you can also customize more features at your own discretion. Also, this editor supports Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.

The sublimetext itself is already very powerful, but it's even better to have a long list of plugins that support it, giving it a more powerful function. This article describes some of the popular plug-ins supported by Sublime text 3 (Sublime text 2 is not supported on Sublime text 3).

Package Control (GITHUB)
When it comes to Sublime text, you have to say that the package control, like Apt-get and Yum under Linux, is the Sublime Text Pack manager that you can use to easily find the plugins you want and manage existing plugins.

The package control installation method I have previously shared: "How to install and use the package control in Sublime text 2/3"

Emmet (GitHub)

Emmet is a front-end development tool, its predecessor is the Zen Coding. It makes it easier to write HTML code. The basic usage of Emmet is: Enter a shorthand form and press the Tab key.

For more usage of Emmet, please see the official documentation, which can help you quickly memorize shorthand forms.

Theme–soda (GitHub)

Soda Theme is the most popular Sublime Text theme.

After installation you also need to add "theme" to your profile (menu Preferences, Settings-user) : "Soda light.sublime-theme" or "theme": "Soda D Ark.sublime-theme ". To achieve the effect in the diagram, you also need to download the color scheme that matches it.

If you like Soda Dark and Monokai, I suggest you use Monokai Extended (GitHub). This color scheme is an enhancement of the Monokai Soda, which, if mated with Markdown Extended (GitHub), will greatly improve the syntax highlighting of Markdown.

Sublimelinter (GitHub)

Note: This plugin needs to be manually installed and switched to the Sublime-text-3 branch.

Sublimelinter is a code validation plugin that can help you find errors or write code that is not canonical, and supports C/s, Coffeescript, CSS, Git Commit Messages, Haml, HTML, Java, JavaScript , Lua, Objective-j, Perl, PHP, Puppet, Python, Ruby, and XML languages.

Before using Sublimelinter, you should install the corresponding program, see the Readme. If you want to validate JavaScript or CSS, you'll also install node. js.

Sublimelinter default to run in background mode, the user input while the instant check, if you want to Sublime Text run more smoothly, you can change to Load-save mode or save-only mode, The read and save are verified or only validated at save time.

Open sublimelinter Configuration file: menu Preferences, Package Settings, Sublimelinter, Settings-user, join Sublime Linter ":" Load-save "or " Sublimelinter ":" Save-only "

Sidebarenhancements (GitHub)

Sidebarenhancements is a very useful right-click menu Enhancement Plug-in, there is a diff format to display unsaved changes, display the file in the File Manager, copy the file path, locate the file in the sidebar, etc., there are basic such as new file/directory, edit, open/Run, Display, in Select/Parent directory/Project Find, Cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, refresh and other common functions.

Sidebarenhancements also has a function is to customize the program to open the file, in the sidebar right click on a file (folder), select Open with edit applications can modify the association, the configuration file comes with an example, can be easily applied.

Sublime? Code? Intel (GitHub)

Sublime? Code? Intel is a code hint, complete plug-in that supports JavaScript, Mason, XBL, XUL, RHTML, SCSS, Python, HTML, Ruby, Python3, XML, Sass, XSLT, Django, HTML5, Languages such as Perl, CSS, Twig, less, Smarty, node. js, Tcl, Templatetoolkit, and PHP are a good extension of the Sublime Text code hinting feature. It also has a function that jumps to the variable, function definition place, is very convenient.

Using Sublime? Code? Intel before you need to install the appropriate program and write the path to ~/.codeintel/config or project_root/.codeintel/config, the ReadMe has detailed instructions, no longer repeat.

Very not recommended to put Sublime? Code? Intel is used with extension package in a single language, although many language extensions are more than Sublime? Code? Intel's code hinting function needs to be perfected. If you need to use it together, in the user profile ( menu preferences, package Settings, Sublime?). Code? Add the following to Settings-user in Intel, and remove the language you want to disable.

  1. "Codeintel_enabled_languages":
  2. [
  3. "JavaScript", "Mason", "XBL", "XUL", "RHTML", "SCSS", "Python", "HTML","Ruby", "Python3", "XML", "Sass", "XSLT" , "Django" , "HTML5" , span class= "str" > "Perl" , "CSS" "Twig" , "less" , "Smarty" , "node. js" , "TCL" , " Templatetoolkit ", " PHP "
  4. ],
  5. "Codeintel_live_enabled_languages":
  6. [
  7. "JavaScript", "Mason", "XBL", "XUL", "RHTML", "SCSS", "Python", "HTML","Ruby", "Python3", "XML", "Sass", "XSLT" , "Django" , "HTML5" , span class= "str" > "Perl" , "CSS" "Twig" , "less" , "Smarty" , "node. js" , "TCL" , " Templatetoolkit ", " PHP "
  8. ]

Alignment (GitHub)

Alignment is a code-formatting plug-in that aligns the equals sign in multiple lines of code, adjusts multiple lines of code to an indentation level, and the default shortcut key is ctrl+alt+a (Mac OS is cmd+ctrl+a).

Bracket? Highlighter (GitHub)

Bracket? Highlighter is a bracket, quotation mark, label highlighting plug-in, support [], (), {}, "", "" and <tag></tag>, and so on, than the Sublime Text comes with a much more obvious highlighting.

Git (GitHub)

GIT plug-ins integrate Git's common functionality by installing git and writing to environment variables before using it.

Gbk4subl (GitHub)

Sublime Text A regret is not supported in Chinese GBK encoding, in the editing of some GBK encoded files will appear garbled, fortunately Sublime Text 2 has a lot of support GBK encoded plug-ins, but most of the Sublime text 3 can not work in Git Hub looked down, fortunately there are GBK4SUBL this allows Sublime Text 3 to support GBK encoded plug-in.

Sublime Tradsim (GitHub)

Tradsim is a Chinese font and simplified characters to convert each other plug-in, only support UTF-8 code, although feel a little chicken, but still introduced to the needs of friends, install plug-ins, because there is no shortcut key files in the plugin package, so we can customize one, you can create a new name and suffix for default (Windows). sublime-keymap file, add the following code to set the "Convert to Simplified" and "convert to complex font" shortcut keys. Note: The conversion is the global Chinese in the file.

    1. [
    2. { "keys" : [ " Ctrl+alt+s "], " command ": "Tradsim_to_sim" },
    3. { "keys" : [ "ctrl+alt+t "], " command ": "Tradsim_to_trad" }
    4. ]

ColorPicker (GitHub)

When editing CSS style, to add a favorite color or change the color of what, to the PS to color? ColorPicker can let Sublime Text 3 built-in a palette, adjust the color, click OK will generate hex color code at the cursor.

SASS Build (GitHub)

SASS Build is a pre-processor that writes CSS. This special plugin will help you properly build Sass files that include compression options. Once you have installed this plugin, you can easily start it by pressing CTRL + B (Mac system is Command +b).

Packageresourceviewer (GitHub)

This special plugin will give you a lot of convenience in viewing and editing the different packages included with Sublimetext. You can also extract any given package. This action copies it to the user folder so that you can safely edit it.

Csscomb (GitHub)

This is the format plugin used to sort the CSS properties. If you want to keep the code clean and tidy, and want to sort it out in a certain order (is it a bit obsessive?). ), then this plugin is an effective solution. Especially when you work with other developers who have their own code-writing style.

MarkDown Editing (GitHub)

Sublimetext is not just able to view and edit Markdown files, but it will treat them as plain text with poor formatting. This plugin is able to perform these tasks better with proper color highlighting and other features.

Filediffs (GitHub)

This plugin allows you to see the differences between the two different files in Sublimetext. The objects you can compare can be data copied from the Clipboard, or files in the project, files that are currently open, and so on.

Additional syntax support

If there is a language that the Sublimetext itself does not contain, it will not be able to display the appropriate syntax highlighting. These languages include less,sass,scss,styls and Jade (or other). If you are using these languages, you may want to install their syntax plugin.

    • Less
    • Sass
    • SCSS
    • Styls
    • Jade

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Popular plugins recommended for Sublime Text 3 support

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