Portrait modification: The way to remove wrinkles from PS

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There are two wrinkle-elimination tools in Photoshop that are already covered in the techniques described earlier in this chapter, but they are described in more detail to make people look 10-20 years younger.

Method One: Fix brushes

First step:

Please open the photo to remove wrinkles.

Step Two:

Select the repair brush from the toolbox (or press SHIFT-J until the tool appears). In the Options bar, click the thumbnail to the right of the brush text and select the brush size to cover the wrinkles in the image. By default, the repair brush is set to a sharp angle, which is usually appropriate for this technique.

Step Three:

Hold down the ALT key (Mac:option key) and click on the smooth skin area near the wrinkles. This will sample the skin texture of the clicked area and use it for repair.

Fourth Step:

Draw with the healing brush on the wrinkles you want to delete (I paint them on the wrinkles underneath his left eye). When the first pen is drawn, the initial tone does not match, it appears to have obvious cosmetic traces, but after a while, the healing brush begins to compute and displays its ultimate "magic", which blends perfectly with the original texture and eliminates wrinkles without trace. Continue to sample the clean skin area and draw on the wrinkle area until all wrinkles are eliminated.


The amazing thing about fixing a brush is that it sometimes produces a noise effect, which means that you see a duplicate texture in the area of repair. Napp member Stephaniecole proposed a technique to change the shape of a brush to make these nasty things disappear. When you select the Repair Brush tool, go to the Options bar, click the thumbnail to the right of the brush text, and open the Brush picker (which, by default, is set to a black, rounded angle brush). Keep the hardness setting 100% and the Spacing setting 25% unchanged, but the trick is to shape, set the angle to -49°, set the roundness to 16%, and create a stiletto-shaped oval brush. Now when you draw again, the brush creates a star pattern that makes the texture look more random and lifelike.

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